Monday, September 22, 2014

Was gifted with a Jake Parker illustration class video for my birthday! Haven't watched it yet but, it still inspired me to make more space cars:

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It's coming!

Anyone reading this who lives within a hour of a 24-Hour Comics Day event had best go and participate! It's so much darn fun. Well, it's exhausting and takes a day to recover but, still darn fun!

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Thursday, June 26, 2014


I've been away from the blog for a while. Sure, people don't read blogs much, but I hate tumblr. It's so... un-attributed. I'll be posting more stuff here and we'll see what happens.

To start things off, here's a little quickie I did for my seven-year-old niece.

On my last visit, I managed to convince her to play Robo-Horse rather than just Horse...

Stay tuned for more!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Hey, it's Inktober and this week, I'm doing a series of Flying Pigs to commemorate the fact that I, Luddite that I am, now own a cell phone. And not a flip phone either (thought it does have the pull-out keyboard.

This is a little plane loosely based on the P-26 Peashooter but made a little chubbier as befits a Flying Pig plane.

This is based on the old Evil Nazi Jetpack Penguin pack. Two GIs take over an experimental airfield

Just a Generic Jet Trainer as part of the Flying Pigs demonstration team

This is my favorite aircraft ever: the F-104 Starfighter Not the greatest but, what's not to like about a manned missile with wings?

On to a starfighter of a different kind: the Starfury! t's a little bit of a cheat. Just doing the linework was 4.5 hours starting at 9AM today. so, I decided not to ink the whole sky but, instead, relied on Photoshop to make some space...

Thiis drawing depicts LtCdr. Pigatha Leigh, Commander Space Group (C.S.G.) of Zeta Squadron during the Secession of Babylon 5

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wow! Long time!

Sorry for the long gap. Things have been busy this summer. I'm now Assistant Service Manager at Earl's Cyclery & Fitness and, as you might guess, I've been a Busy Backson* all summer. I miss the days when I could just leave work and not have to worry about things.

 But, I've been managing to get in a lot of riding AND a lot of drawing!

 Mostly sketches, but I'm trying for some finished works. here's the most recent.

Just last night I finished inking a new portrait of Meridian Delacourte. Watercolor to follow but, I'm actually terrified of starting. I'm staying away from digital works because I like the risk; there's no Command + z here. Actually, I wish I was good enough to have it not be a risk but, I'm not there yet. Anyhoo.

We'll see if how the watercolring turns out. I'm also working on two pieces to submit for consideration to the Art of Horror show at the S.P.A.C.E. Gallery. Not sure if they're truly horrifying for that crowd but, I can only try.
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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spacegirl Madness Continues!

I'm working on a triptych and trying to decide if it's too cheesy to live. For fun (and practice) I've been playing my bass along with a bunch of songs. This song, in particular, made me think of making art. Well, THREE lines in particular to make a triptych.

Now that I've finished the final pencil drawing (to later be inked and colored) and started sketching the next two, I'm wondering if it's too cheesy to continue and complete. What do you all think? (click to enlarge. The original is about 11" x 14")

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Sunday, March 3, 2013


Holy crap! Color!

 I had a dream back on February 17th about this swordswoman. It was a short dream but, pretty cool. She'd just fended off a group of men, then (and this is a bit weird) set up a wooden drying rack, hopped up on it and said the line. It was all very cool and cinematic.

I worked out a sketch ( I changed the rack to a crate but, the pose is the same as the dream), ink-lined it and it turned out pretty good! I then proceeded to over ink it with odd shadows and stuff that I didn't like.

Today, I grabbed some watercolors from Sweet Enemy and decided to try to paint. I haven't done a watercolor in at least five years. It turned out better than I thought and I may re-visit the whole ink-and-watercolor thing. In the dream, her outfit was more of a coffee with cream color but, I fell in love with Mars Violet and decided to use it. (Click to amplify!)

 I just now decided her name is Meridian Delacorte.

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