Saturday, November 22, 2008

No one ever outsourced for quality

Those words were printed on a home-made sign at the Cabot Hosiery, the last sock maker in New England (if not the USA). They make, what are the Best Socks Ever.

I mean it. Putting these socks on is like slipping into bed with your spouse or significant other. Even after three days of hiking, they still feel nice. These are not everyday socks, these are technical beauties for being outdoors (in fact, Cabot is now making socks for the Army and USMC). If you spend any time on your feet, you will want a pair of these socks. These are so nice, you'll find that you won't wear them around the house for fear of wearing or tearing them and will buy some slippers.

I find two things when I give these socks as gifts. First, when the recipient opens the package they say "Oh. Great. Socks." (sarcastic voice), however, after they use them if I give a second pair the response is "Oh, great! Socks! (very happy voice). This has happened every time.

Secondly, those who I give them to also gift them, but to deserving people. For instance, my dad, I love him very much, but these would always be Just Socks to him. My oldest friend, a hunter and outdoorsman, now there's a guy that responds with the very happy voice.

Today was the second weekend of the annual sock sale. The Cabots open up their factory floor and set up a gigantic sock sale. I mean gigantic. Seconds, irregulars, last year's stuff, running socks, hunting socks, military surplus socks, dress socks, kids socks; thousands of socks.

You go in, guided by a semi-maze of sock-shipping boxes. At the entrance to the sale room, an employee hands you an old plastic shopping bag and you go to town, milling about with yuppies, hunters, UVM green hipsters and deer camp widows. It's hard to stop. It's also hard to keep track of who you are buying socks for. My hunting friend and my chef brother-in-law were getting some as gifts and my buddy KickEnemyMen and his wife sent a basic want list. I hope I got everything. In all, I spent $152 (with 10% off for going over $100) and Sweet Enemy spent $142. This was an investment. These socks last and last and are, as I've said and will say again, are the Best Socks Ever.

If you can find 'em. Get 'em. They will be spendy ($13 or so a pair), but you will never buy a better fitting, feeling and wearing pair of socks. You will also be supporting a made in America sock. Also, don't for get to buy them at your locally-owned gear store and not REI, EMS or what have you. If you must go internet, go Moosejaw. It's a small independent online outdoor gear store with fantastic customer service and a great sense of humor.

Also, I think someone needs to make t-shirts with that saying on them.

Listening to while posting: "What's Going On?" by Four Non-Blondes


Sweet Enemy said...

Good synopsis of the sock sale!

Now you need to change out the music on your mp3 player because that song has been played FAR TOO MANY TIMES IN THIS HOUSE THIS WEEK. it's a good song, but, jeesh.

Swinebread said...

Cool! I need the kind that can handle sweat!

Don Snabulus said...

Good socks are hard to find. It appears there are at least 2 local indy stores not far from my domicile as well.

The only song randomizer I've encountered that is worth a pair of fetid dingo kidneys is probably Winamp which is a desktop program and not available for portables.

All of my historical iPods seem infused with some evil algorithm designed to guess my demographic and overplay songs Apple thinks they can sell me. Meh.

ladybug said...

"Nobody ever outsourced for quality" is sure right! Thanks for the info....

cgl001 said...
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