Sunday, September 13, 2009

Obscure Tales Update

Obscure Tales 06: Death of a Friend has updated !


These pages were a sort of pain. A decent amount of work went into them but while they felt like the pencilled well and inked well, when I finally scanned and colored them, they disappointed me. Mostly because Missile Mouse was going through my head while I drew them and when I was done I was rather shocked to see it looked nothing like Missle Mouse.To be sure, I planned on this comic using flat colors, but something is missing. I wanted to scrap the whole thing and do it again.

However, I made a promise to myself to look back and learn, but to never re-work a page to death. So... Until I get to a place where I'm happy, the show goes on and I can only hope to improve as I go. The main thing is I think I'm rushing. I'll try to remedy that.

DoaF is really fun to do, though. I'm learning a great deal, especially about the interactions of different characters in space and wordless storytelling (curse you and your story experiments, AndreZero!).

To lighten the mood, I'll share a little known fact about Arkonbey. When he is slightly frustrated (for instance, if he gets everything out to the car in the morning, but then realizes he's forgotten his car key in the house and has to go back in), he will say the phrase: "Ah, Bugf--ker!". Try it yourself! It's a rather satisfying expletive for light to moderate use.

Listening to while posting: "I Know What Boys Like" by The Waitresses


Lee Sargent said...

I love it.

Really that's all I can say, I just really love it.

Arjan said...

I'm going to RSS this page and read up on it.

btw..that birthdaycard was véry cool.

Don Snabulus said...

It looks great. The suspense is building.

I checked out Missile Mouse too. The main difference I see (other than the colors you mention) is in the gradient fills. Missile Mouse uses them more than you do. In fact, they are in almost every fram and they appear to be digitally placed as well.

It is hard to ink gradient fills, especially when there likely a hundred plus gradations to do. I'd say, let Missile Mouse be what it is and you keep going with what you got.