Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update and a challenge


Last week, even though between Thanksgiving, nursing the ill Sweet Enemy and then nursing myself from what I caught nursing Sweet Enemy, I found time to pencil the next two pages of Death of a Friend. Tonight, between 8pm and 1am EST I inked, colored and posted the update.

Hope you like it. This update to Death of a Friend is dedicated to Snabulus' Ladybug who was in the hospital a little while back with a potentially life-threatening condition. As far as I know, she's home now and I hope she's doing fine.

Now, the challenge. It's to me actually. I need to stretch myself a bit, artistically and I wonder if a way to do that is to take commissions. Now, I don't think I'm good enough to ask for money, so the first five people to email me will get a FREE black and white ink drawing. The subject can be nearly anything you want that can fit into a 6" x 6" space (anything but: scat, gore, vore, nasty stuff in general. I reserve the right to refuse an idea and ask for another. What do you want? It's free.). I don't know if I'll get five people. Heck, I'll take one person. Five just seemed like a good number

In order to keep a bit of anonymity, and give you a challenge, you have to go to my portfolio to get my email address.

listening to while posting: "Upside-down from Here" by Atom and his Package


Dean Wormer said...

I know Snabby personally and Ladybug is back. We're all relieved that they caught that in time because she's pretty awesome.

I'm going to throw the picture idea to my kids and email you if they come up with something cool.

Jake said...

Sweet free! Sending email now. Plus, I'm really enjoying Death of a Friend. That's some perseverance to get that much work done under the circumstances.

ladybug said...

Dear Arkonbey, thanks for thinking of me! It's been very, very slow..but sure progress. I, as always, loved your comic update too!