Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Here's the most recent iteration of the potential collaboration with Sweet Enemy. Some things are working, but some aren't. I'm not entirely happy with with the woman's forward foot and may change it. Her expression has been proving elusive. Most of the time, when trying to get her to be looking down with an affectionate smile, she ends up looking as though she is smiling in that way that people do when they'd rather be somewhere else. I've been re-working the page so much I think it's time to pull out the tracing paper.

I'm also not sure of what to call it now. I thought of a student and teacher, but SE wanted their relationship to be more ambiguous. What do you guys think?

The next two pages of DoaF are ready to go, BUT, I'm debating whether to wait and post the last ten pages all in one go as it's going to be a page-turner. What do you, my loyal readers, want?

Listening to while posting: "Darling, be here" by Bodies of Water


Don Snabulus said...

I like how the pic is coming along. I see what you mean about the leg on the woman. I think all you need is to do is straighten the foot out forward like the girl. (Actually, my foot does what hers does except more pronounced, but that is due to a series of injuries over the course of years...dang plantar fascia.)

My vote is for incremental.

ladybug said...

Wow Arkonbey...what a question. Hmm. One one hand I really can't wait for each new page..on the other it kills when you don't know the end and have to wait for it! Also for the picture...instead of teacher/student do you want it to be mother/child or crazy pedo lesbian/object of her desire???!! Is that ambiguous enough? Can I spell? I've had a 12 hr work day...my brain is fried..

Arjan said...

hmm depends on how long we have to wait for the other 8. Maybe post em up now.

Arkonbey said...

@Snab: I walk rather a bit like Charlie Chaplin. Even when I ride my bike; the chainstays have are worn down to metal where my ankles rub.

@LB: You didn't actually answer the question;) And 12-hour workday. Didn't you just tell me to have fun and not work so much?

@Arjan: One more vote for incremental. That's two.

Mike said...

Make that 3 votes for incremental!

Sweet Enemy said...

Hey there, I just posted the color version side-by-side with the pencil sketch. I still have a long ways to go on capturing the expressions in the original sketch, but I'm loving how the shadows turned out in the legs. Woo! Nice gams!