Monday, March 1, 2010


This weekend was an art weekend. Man. Turned off the computer, cranked the tunes and drew. I finished my last two commissions; one for Rambler and one for Snab. However, looking at Snab's today, I realize it's just not good enough, so I'm doing it over.

That's just how I roll, baby.

The one for King Ben is done. I'm just waiting on something else I want to send to make an appearance (so I can send both at the same time). The fourth was for a Famous Artist Whose Work I Really Like. There was, of course no pressure involved in that one.

I also finished a piece for a contest called Bearfight!. I heard of it from BT Livermore's blog. There's no money, but if I get accepted, I get into a book and get a free book. I hold very little hope of being accepted, but it would be really awesome. The deadline is March 10th, so I bumped it up to bust it out. Yo.

I'll be working on Snab's commission tonight. I promise! Then, onto Death of a Friend pages 18 and 19.

Listening to while posting: "Ronnie's Racing School" By Glitter Mini Nine


Don Snabulus said...

I just realized that I never sent you a different picture...crap! Even though it may be too late, I will look for one anyway.

samax said...

that's awesome! good luck!

ladybug said...

That Bear one looks awesome! I hope you get into the book! We have bloomin' daffies and hyacinths here. Hada friend rototill the garden. Workin' on a felt Xmas stocking for relatives. Workin'....Can't wait to see Death of Friend when it's finished!

Arkonbey said...

@snab: if you want. I found what might work on HypatiaSpeaks

@Samax: Hey! You should totally submit to Bearfight!

@LB: Thanks. You have flowers? We still have snow. Then we'll have mud. And you're wayyyyy to early on that stocking.

Arjan said...

WOW! I really like this one!
Ever thought about entering stuff for things like La Fraise (t-shirt design)?

Lee Sargent said...

Even if you don't get into the book you'll still have a pretty awesome bearfighting art piece!

Thanks for the heads up!