Saturday, February 12, 2011

fan art!

Last night I hosted a meet-up for comics and graphic novel fans at my local bookstore. It went pretty well. One guy who showed up was Mark Gonyea. He's a cool guy and a mad scratchboarder. One of the books I brought to introduce to people was Ross Campbell's fantastic TBP Shadoweyes.

This morning I got up at 7:30, made a lot of strong (French press) coffee and hit the studio. I sat at the table and decided to do some Shadoweyes fanart! Yay! The only other fanart I've done was a Missile Mouse for Jake Parker, but I didn't let that stop me. It went pretty well. The pencil drawing came together in about an hour, the tracing and inking another hour, then, as I was getting ready to scan, I found I'd FORGOTTEN THE DARN TAIL! Gah! This seems to happen every time I want to draw Shadoweyes. So, I had to scramble re-trace and re-draw.

However, it turned out pretty well. I must say, that I'm overall, pretty happy with it. There are some small things I see, but they're mostly technique stuff and not big mistakes. One thing I did change was the color of Shadoweyes' calves and forearms. In the comic, they're straight black with the hands and feet just black shapes. When I drew the original pencil, I tried to extrapolate the extremities and I liked them so much, I had to keep them. I hope Ross doesn't mind

So, go get Shadoweyes. It's pretty darn awesome.

In the FUTURE!

Listening to while posting: Ghostrider by RJD2

update: post +15 minutes. Wanna hear something kind of crazy? I also posted on my Deviant Art page (yes, I have a deviant art page, but so do lots of people who don't suck. Like Ross Cambell for instance). Anyway, I posted the pic but, decided I wanted to edit my description. I got into edit mode, wrote an new sentence and saved the changes. In that time six people had viewed it. I really never had the immensity and 24/7 nature of the internet until that moment. I mean if six people viewed it, that must mean that thousands are online and watching the Deviant Art new submissions page. Sheesh.


samax said...

Awesome! As you know, I love Ross's work... I want to do a Shadoweyes piece, but I'm still too nervous!

you did a great job on this!

Arkonbey said...

Glad you like it!

Do a Shadoweyes piece right now!

Shadoweyes would fit your style perfectly.

'sides, I can't wait to see it.

samax said...

it's a scary proposition, because Ross actually reads my blog! I know he will like it okay (he's a nice guy) but I get nervous anyway! I will definitely do it. Eventually...

ross said...

Ross here! i'm still figuring out wordpress almost a year later and i just noticed that it displays pages that link to my Shadoweyes site, and i just saw this today!!!

thanks so much for reading the book and i'm really glad you like it (keep an eye out for volume 2 next month!) but thank you especially for the fanart!!! damn, she looks awesome, i love the claws you gave her. i can't really express my gratitude other than a bunch more thank yous. :)