Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Good gravy!

It's been a weird couple of months. I got a job at my local bike shop and, while it's fun and the people are great, it's a lot of... action. I won't say stress, but my days are full with little time to eat and a big feeling of responsibility to my co-workers and the customers; we're so hands-on that people often wonder if we're on commission (we're not).

I've been riding to work when it's good weather (a 30 mi round trip unless Sweet Enemy picks me up after work). This feels pretty nice. I don't leave until after the morning rush so most of the roads are pretty empty. Almost feels like a ride for fun.

With all that going on plus some financial scares, not much art has been made.

This is not a good thing

I've planned on opening commissions for Page One-Hundred works but I wanted to get a small body together first. My slacking has not helped. I also need to get a poster for this year's 24-Hour Comics Day done. So, I made myself some coffee this morning, sat down and started drawing.

The Page One-Hundred is now fully in-progress and, after doing some studies of some Comfrey flowers, I thought I'd do a quicky. I took my goth pin-up thing and do something new with it. It's not sexy, but it's not bad. I think the wolf-girls are better in this new one.

Best of all, it's actually a drawing

Also, I went sailing on Lake Champlain for the first time ever today. Thanks to my Step-Mother-in-Law for being a great skipper!

So, until next time!

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Don Snabulus said...

Good to read your words after these couple of months. I am glad you are finally getting some drawing in. I envy your is a nice distance to ride. I hope it is a safe one with shoulders and/or you have blinding clothes and lights.

Pandabonium will be happy to read about the sailing I suspect.

Pandabonium said...

Well, Snabby is right about the sailing. Nice boat to go out on for sure.

I feel pathetic when I think of your commute. I can only handle a few miles at a time. But then you're much younger (I tell myself).

The art is great. Don't know how you come up with such imaginative ideas. Guess that's why I'm not an artist. I like the expressions on the wolf-girls in this one. More curious and anticipating what will be asked of them by the mistress. Waiting for instruction.

Arjan said...

I was just thinking about you (and your blog) the other day :)
The mistress has been improved quite a bit too!