Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Art show, new art and a preview!

Art Show:

I got into my first real gallery show at The S.P.A.C.E Gallery in Burlington! Sure, it might be because Sweet Enemy has been showing there for a couple of years. Sure, it might be because we've gotten to be pretty good friends with the owner and the resident artists. Sure, it could be because it was a kinda-small, last-minute, hey-let's-do-this sort of show and all I had to do was ask.

Or, it might be because it's The Cute Show and The Glitter Dragons fit right in! I submitted this new poster piece and four individual portraits (to be posted soon).

At the opening Friday, I wondered if I should feel ashamed for creating such nearly unbearable cuteness but, I consoled myself that they're cute with attitude and they seemed to go over big with Lucy Lou the standout favorite. There's also been a request for Glitter Dragons Valentines cards. Sheesh.

(speaking of Glitter Dragons: any artist out there who'd like to draw their own rendition of the GDs please do! Just check the blog for details. Any musicians who'd like to write their theme song, let me know as that'd be awesome)

New Art

It's Big Beautiful Wonder Woman-a-Month time again. This time is a tribute to the Golden Age of comics where anything could and did happen!

The yeti is based loosely on Philbert Appleshrug, a live-size plush yeti by highly talented artist Kelice Penny. Philbert was a wedding gift to Sweet Enemy and I from an amazingly awesome friend (I like to say that he's not just cool because he gave us a yeti, he's cool because he's the kind of guy who'd give us a yeti!)


Coming soon to Obscure Tales


Kristen Eaton said...

Rock on! Can't wait to visit the gallery and see the Glitter Dragons in all their cuteness :D

Pandabonium said...

Cute city! OK, so I am prejudiced. Nice poster.

BBWW vs Yeti is a great cover which is sure to make readers turn the page to see what happens.

Looking forward to Obscure Tales. Strange Times in Black Creek is a good title. Yee Hah.