Saturday, March 17, 2012


Totally forgot to post the Big Beautiful Wonder Woman-a-month for March! I did post it on my Deviant Art page but not here. Sheesh.

This is something I've wanted to do for a while. The whole concept of WW's invisible jet as a bunch of white lines or, in the case of Darwyn Cooke, absolutely nothing really bugged me.

If it were totally invisible how could she actually find the dang thing on the tarmac let alone control the engines with the invisible levers or even see her altitude on the invisible flight instruments.

I figured that the SKIN of the invisible jet could be invisible and ended up with this image of BBWW getting ready for a flight.

Her costume was fun to design as it's a Wonder Woman-ed version of 1950's pilot gear The jet that you only see parts of is a bit of an inside aviation joke. It's an invisible T-33 Shooting Star, a 1950's jet that had a notoriously small cockpit that even average sized men had trouble getting into and out of, let alone BBWW. Of course, it had to be a two-seater so she could cart Maj. Trevor around.

The main image is hand inked and digitally colored while the background is totally vectored. The only thing I couldn't work out is how the shadows of the invisible jet parts would work so I copped out and didn't do them.

In other news, I've started full-time at Earl's Bikes. It was my favorite store before applied there and now that I work there and know the people better, it's easily the best bike store I know. I'm in the service department mostly with a little bit of time on the floor. I worked the floor last summer there part time and was asked by the owner to come back full time. Very little hesitation with 'yes'.


listening to while posting: nothing. I've shut everything down and then realized I needed to post.


Don Snabulus said...

Congrats on the bike gig. I just had my local bike store bail me out due to my own faulty assumptions (sometimes the tire quick release gets tweaked and gets loose). I also found out that sometimes there are two sharp things stuck in the tire rather than just one (glass chunk and industrial staple).

As always, I enjoy the new illustration and the fresh way of viewing the invisible plane. I can imagine the good major chafing against the limited space, but hey, it is WW for heaven's sake.

FWIW, I think Earl's should let you do their web page, but that's just me. Cheers.

Arjan said...

Really cool! I'd say there would be a remote on/off switch so she could find the plane. And the cockpit would be switched on as soon as it closes, otherwise you would see BBWW's top half sitting in mid-air :)

As for shadows, well the invisible parts don't cast any so there's that.

And congrats on the fulltime job! I'm sure you'd love to visit the Netherlands (Groningen is especially crazy) with it's overload on bikes. 1 of mine got stolen last thursday and it still pisses me off, but I had a spare one in the shed.

Arkonbey said...

@snab: A good bike shop will show you the right way in a way that isn't " you're dumb to have done this"
and you're right about the Earls' website...

@Arjan: Hmmm... That's some good thinkin' about the not casting shadows thing. If I were Marvel c.1979 you'd get a No-Prize

Your bike got stolen! Damn! I HATE that! Stupid jerks! I hope you get it back intact.

I did hear that a few Netherlands cities do the bike-share thing. Washington D.C. does it but, it's credit card based.

Arjan said...

Just checked if there's still a bike-sharing thing going on overhere. In the 60's they tried it, but there wasn't enough political support apparently. In 2000 they tried it again, but too many got stolen out of the pick-up location. They tried it again in 2006 in Amsterdam, after which they decided to make more bikes available for rent.
Crazy bike stealing bastards.

Then again, most people have 1 or 2 bikes overhere.