Saturday, December 1, 2012


Two drawings in less than a week? I am on FIRE!

Anyhoo. This was for the Happy Little Art Challenge. The current theme was "Pirates" and I jumped at this.

I may have rushed it a little bit but, I was trying for firsties and, unfortunately, failed.

Rather than a regular pirate, I thought I’d do a space pirate. If you add “space” to almost anything it automatically becomes cooler. Try it!
I had grandiose plans of a group of pirates on the outside hull of a ship with their pirate corvette (the type of ship, not the type of car) floating behind them. Instead, I ended up with a pirate girl. I was going to do a pirate queen but, the face was a bit crazy so she’s just a regular pirate girl. Or, rather a space pirate girl; see how much cooler that sounds.

listening to while posting: “If You Build It” by Air Traffic Controller

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