Sunday, April 8, 2007


This was a pretty good topic. I did have a bit of trouble thinking of an idea (though my alternate i-spy would have worked, yes?), but as a Friday meeting turned to non-graphic design topics, I sketched out a very, very rough homage to my favorite sequential artist in the world: Daniel Torres. Daniel Torres is the creator of Rocco Vargas, a fabulous retro comic from the 90's that was a perfect homage to the future that never was. The action took place in the 'future' of 1983, though it was first drawn in '84. His clean line technique evolved over the years to a style that was both iconic and naturalistic. I truly don't think there is anyone who draws like him. So, I decided to try to copy his style and MAN it is hard to copy another artist's style (not that I have any more respect for style-plagiarists like that guy who draws Robocop in the same style as Geoff Darrow).

What bugs me the most is that since Heavy Metal magazine has jumped the shark, the chances of finding any more translated Torres (or Gess or Frezatto) is slim. No Americans are making true graphic novels anymore, just superhero stuff and depressing, banal graphic memoirs.


Here's my Green. It is one of Torres' Martians as the Countess of Mars. I dressed her as the anti-heroine who first appeared in The Whisperer Mystery. Maybe there'll be a crappy prize for anyone who can name that anti-heroine. In the spirit of demosthenes , it's a graphic novel cover (not a comic book cover, so there's no little company box in the upper right)


Larry Lee said...

Nice take on the topic. I like the colors and the crisp lines.

demosthenes said...

Nicely done! reminds me a little of Bruce Timm also.

the Othello type is Victorian. i rarely make up fonts anymore since there are so many available online for free.

Jeannette said...

I like your stufffffffffffffff