Wednesday, April 4, 2007


This was a pretty good topic. I had a kernel of an idea Friday afternoon, but other things kept me from working on this; a good friend coming up from Portland for the weekend and a life-drawing class on Monday (and assorted workouts and house-doings). So, Tues and tonight, I worked on this. It isn't absolutely done, but my deadline for posting is Wednesday night. No excuses. It is, mostly done, though. I still have to color it, but I think I'll just grayscale it and repost. The creature design is courtesy of Sweet Enemy.

I will also mention that I found it interesting that nobody even mentioned my soft-core porn response to 'I Spy'. Not even a word. I mean, sure her right arm needs work, but is that any reason to ignore her? Heh.

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aeneadellaluna said...

very good comic! I like the monster..reminds me of a hamster turned bad! good character line too!