Monday, August 13, 2007


I'm going to start off with bad news for the comic book world: Mike Wieringo died this weekend of a heart attack at the age of 44. I personally count him among the greats: Alan Davis, John Byrne and Richard Corben. If he was, in real life, as nice a guy as he seemed from his near-daily sketch post, he will be sorely missed.

Now, if you've linked to all of those artist sites, you may be slightly disappointed in coming back here. I think this worked rather well. An half-hour of research, an couple of hours of penciling 45 minutes of inking and two and a half hours of coloring and here it is. If you recognize it, you are officially old. Really, really old or really, really retro. It goes out to Stat Twelve, the best and only paramedic I know.

Listening to while posting: "1816, The Year Without A Summer" by Rasputina from 'Oh Perilous World'


Swinebread said...

sad abotu Mike...

I must be old 'cause I know were this Emergency comes from.

It'd make a nice retro comic strip

good job, colors are spot on.

Digital Scott's illustrationblog said...

Nice work! Your truck really rocks! Well done.

Joel Bryan said...

I had the "Emergency" action figures... as I remember my childhood. That was so long ago, there may not have even been such things. I also watched the cartoon "Emergency + 4" on TV. "Emergency," but with 4 kids.