Thursday, December 6, 2007

Cort is in session

Here's a turnaround of Jackson Cort (as seen in the previous post). The story is coming along great. Andre Zero is coming up with some great ideas.

This went pretty well, though I discarded a complete profile. It was too stiff. The colors are probationary, but the gun is not. He's packing a Webley and that's how he likes it.

I had a crappy drawing week, actually. After this, I couldn't seem to draw at all. I mean, the turnaround is no great shakes, but suddenly my drawing skills were back at like sixth grade! I even tried copying a photo and couldn't even do that. I was a bit creeped out and felt like putting flowers on Algernon's grave.

I'm better, but still feel artistically dumb. So, here's something I did a couple of years ago when I was trying to hone my Adobe Illustrator skills. I thought about doing a series of the Diablo 2 characters as anthropomorphic animals. I did sketches of all but the barbarian and the ninja and only vectored the amazon:

So, anybody think I should do the rest?

Oh, check this out. Remember the movie Dark City? Did you like it? Give this a listen.

listening to while posting: 'Girl on the Flying Trapeze" by Spike Jones and his City Slickers

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Swinebread said...

Jackson Cort's design is a nice cross between a gunslinger and a pilot. That's the kinda’ look I like, very pulp. The only thing I might suggest is short, tight gloves just to see what they look like on him.

Sorry you’re not feeling it right now. It happens...

I like your lion woman too. I think you are on to something there. Excellent coloring and layout. I think you have an affinity for animal characters. Maybe a 30’s pulp comic with anthropomorphic animals.