Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Chirstmas presents!

Hey! Anyone who visits this site gets a crappy Christmas present this year! Yay!

In 1998, Kick Enemy Men and I were in the graphic design program of the Maine College of Art . Then we considered ourselves half-geniuses; apart we were of normal intelligence, together, we were a single genius.

I think it was over the course of a few days, in between cracking ourselves up, we generated a super hero team application. The powers/weakness section was a product of us and anybody we could find to ask. I consider this one of our finest works. We had done it quickly in Quark 4.0 (an not-that-great digital typesetting app) and named it a Superfriends application. In 2005 I took it upon myself to re-design it and create a new super-team for this to be an application for. Since the name and logo are were created by myself alone, it is not a full-genius work. However, the humor of the original remains 100% intact.

So, friends, for Christmas I give you:

The Fairness Battalion Superhero Application form!

Page one (01)
Page two (02)
Page three (03)

If you enjoy this gift, please feel free to share it around. Just make sure that you do give credit to the Half Geniuses of the Maine College of Art.

If you don't like it... well, I forgot to get a gift receipt so you'll have to re-gift it. Or give it to the Salvation Army Store or maybe Freecycle it.

or you could have this consolation prize. The hand-colored test edition of a lino cut relief print I did on this Christmas Eve eve. It's based on what Sweet Enemy and I saw on our midnight snowshoe that night. It's our house and I left the tree lit just so we could see that as we made our snow-things (Sweet Enemy: snow creature. Arkonbey: snow-woman and snow-Totoro. Both rained on Christmas eve). It measures 4" x 4" and may have been a bit ambitious for not having done a relief print in three or so years.

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Swinebread said...

This Fairness Battalion application is brilliant!

Being an old RPGer from way back, this is the kinda resource that would just rock for a game session. I might just have to post a link to this, as it’s just that good!

I laughed my ass of in the powers/weaknesses section, too funny.

I would have to check a nice pair of gams and pie as my weaknesses.

Those two choices alone prove both of your combined supreme intelligences.

Swinebread said...

Happy New Year!