Thursday, January 10, 2008


I've been finding that, rather like putting a piece on a blank wall and stepping back, posting a process piece has caused me too really look at it.

Here's a more refined version of the Doctor and Elevated Bear. I seem a bit stuck on elevated bears now, but I get stuck on things sometimes. It's not really obsession but I do get stuck. A couple of years ago it was Spacegirls. I worked and worked to create one really good drawing of a spacegirl, but never did. So, now it's elevated bears. I've got a bunch of sketches in my sketchbooks. studies of fur, of heads, of the relative size of elevated bears. There are other things, but lots of bears.


Well, here is the sketch:

I think there was a bit lost in my transfer method. I decided to trace it, then do a graphite transfer. This makes the sketch I worked from a third-generation and a bit wonky. I'll use the current drawing as an inking test. If it doesn't go well, I'll just trace it on the lightbox.

Here's the pencil:

Here's the ink:

Here's the basic color:

I learned a lot. I think the fur turned out rather well, and I'm not so afraid of black as I once was. I think the shading of the doctor worked pretty well. What I need to re-work is how the fur hangs over the breasts of the E-Bear. They have retained their shape too much and don't look as though they are covered in thick fur (sort of how Image artists treat human breasts and clothing). i think extending the shadow and giving it a sharper angle might work. Sweet Enemy is making me a 6" tall Elevated Bear sculpture out of Sculpy (or some such) because she is cool.

listening to while posting: "The Pruning (Pat O'brian - Acess Hollywood Mix)" by Rasputina


Swinebread said...
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Swinebread said...

I can offer you no advice as I don't really draw but I am enjoying your process quite a bit.

I'm wondering, are inking digitally?