Friday, January 4, 2008

new year, new Twilight sketches

I bring my sketchbook to work every day now. At lunch or when I need to take a break from some tedious html coding, I draw. These are from the past week and are mostly studies from the comic that AndreZero is writing.

These are pretty rough, but that's why it's called a sketchbook.

Here's the man himself: Lysander Twilight. English, dapper and deadly (note the deft at which I avoided an alliteration)

Here are some studies for the non-flight uniforms for The Valkyrie. AndreZero didn't specify that they'd need regular uniforms, but I did them anyway

Here are some initial character sketches for a character that is currently nameless and, to save suspense for the comic, identitiy-less as well. Who is this mystery woman? One of the many things I'm working on is drawing the same character over and over. I think the trick is to take at least one single defining feature, such as hair or a certain jaw and make sure that you keep that consistent. Then you just hope that persistence of memory kicks in.

Here's something else that AndreZero didn't even hint at. After drawing another headshot of the redhead, I decided to add something else I'd been working on: an 'elevated bear'. I'd submitting work to the Flickr group for Bears In Ill-Fitting Hats, and recently I'd been playing around with drawing, not an anthropomorphized bear, but what a bear might look like if it had been crossed with enough human attributes to make Urus Erectus. I tried to somehow rationalize the anatomy and make it sensible. THIS is why I have trouble drawing cool fantasy/sci-fi: it has to make sense somehow. And for me it rarely works. So, here's the redhead with an Ursus Erectus (Arctus). I thought they'd be a bodyguard, maybe. I made it female because all of the Valkyrie are female...

Here's a picture of the iteration of the bear drawn on the page just previous to the one with the redhead

Here's something AndreZero did ask for. A secret base on a remote island. I've been trying to think of a name for it, but could only come up with The Enclave or The Bastion . I've already worked out a p lot plan placing it at the foot of a sleeping volcano giving it access to geothermal energy (since this takes place in the 30's and there was no solar and an oil tanker arriving at regular intervals would eventually negate the 'secret' part of the secret base.

Now, here's something for Swinebread and the crew at Atomic Romance.

Fairness Battalion Banner (60k. 100dpt. sized for letter)
Fairness Battalion Logo alone ( 24k 100dpi)

listening to while posting: "They Got Lost" by They Might Be Giants from 'Long Tall Weekend'


AndreZero said...

Those look really good. For some reason the harness on the Ursus Erectus made me think she was wearing overalls. The second one looks like she is surfing on a flying carpet!

Arkonbey said...

It's not just a flying carpet, it's a flying faux-riental rug!

HAHAHAHAHA! Ahhhhh. Man, I'm danmed funny.

Here's why the rug is there. I drew her and realized without a reference to show the perspective, she just looked short and stubby. So, I drew a square, but it looked as though she were standing on a trap door and I didn't like that. So: flying faux-riental rug!

Swinebread said...

This looks like quite a fun project, pulp adventures, secret bases, air maidens, and “up-lifted” bears. I think I would have a good time reading this.

The only thing I might suggest is trying a little longer hair on the valkyries or drawing each one with a different hairstyle. Hey, maybe one is even bald?! Just thought. ☺

I really like the Bear Lady, very Gamma World!