Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well. Obscure Tales #3 is finished. It's neat to have this finally done. I mean, it's been four years since I had the dream.

As far as the comic goes, I learned a HELL of a lot doing this. The last six pages, in fact, were the hardest. Pages sixteen and seventeen were very hard. Showing that motion I wanted to show proved to be almost impossible given my current skill set. I hope it was effective; at least enough so I don't have to post a video of me and some Matchbox cars. I hope you guys like this. Quick question: did the two comic pages per webpage work?

The next issue is still being written, but the cover is done and maybe I'll post some process work for the issue.

In other news, The step-mom-in-law's family was, as usual, fun and accommodating. The camp, was gorgeous and relaxing (with a capital LAX). The weather, was perfect. I mean it. It was sunny for the drive down on Friday. The water when we arrived at 5pm was still warm. Saturday proved warm and sunny. Sunday was cool in the morning, but we were treated to a foggy cove which was nice. The sun came out until about one pm as we were packing up and the first drops hit as we were walking to the cars to leave! It then only rained for an hour and the rest of the drive back was sunny with a beautiful sunset over the Adirondaks.

So. How was your weekend?

Well. Since it's Sweet Enemy's and my first wedding anniversary, I'm gong to make a few Cosmopolitans and we're going to watch "In Bruges".

Listening to while posting: "Hang on to yourself" by David Bowie


Swinebread said...

Congrats on the anniversary! I truly hope the best for both of you!

I love what you did with the latest issue. I can tell you really stretched yourself with this one. I liked the how the glob was shown in several potions in one panel, that’s a hard thing to get to work right without using gutter between them. I could see that you had to do it that way as the action was moving from right to left. Also the use of Red was striking because it was only the goggles. The best was the end of course, what a great way to get someone’s brain. Nicely rendered Sci-Fi horror concept. Does she work for the Mi-Go? ☺

AndreZero said...

is the matchbox car video available on request? It's not that it's unclear (I assume that was inspired partially by The Prisoner?) I just think it'd be amusing to see a "directors cut" version as a video with matchbox cars... and see how you pull off the compression effect!

Will you post your thoughts on In Bruges? I liked it, but am hesitant to recommend it to anyone since I can't pigeonhole it as any one TYPE of movie (or even a mix)

Rol said...

Really nice work - that all came to you in a dream? I love it when that happens, a complete story comes fully formed in the middle of the night. Sometimes I write them down and when I look at them the next morning they're utter nonsense. Occasionally though, I find something really special. This was obviously one of those occasions.

Oh yeah, the two page format worked well. Flowed more like a real comic than normal webcomics do.

Arkonbey said...

SB: Thanks! I also glad you liked the comic. I can't wait to start on the next one. Say, weren't you going to shoot me some ideas way back? and Mi-Go? You are a Cthulu nerd; even I had to look that up.

AZ: I'd make the video if someone hadn't lost the camera ;) For you, though, I'd stage a private showing. I was planning on an 'In Bruges' post. I know what you mean about it being hard to classify.

Rol: Welcome! Glad you like it, it was a blast to do. I actually dreamed that I drew a storyboard of it! So when I woke up, I drew it 'again'. I tried to animate it, skills didn't match the story, so it became a comic.

Don Snabulus said...

Enjoyable story. I liked the ending wondering what she would do with those brains.

It took me a couple of looks on the shrinking car/human page to really grok the action, but grok I did.

Sounds like the camp was great. The only adirondacks around here are the rare 3 wall shelters...we had them at a Boy Scout camp when I was a kid. Our hills and mountains are all volcanic here...they just look different.

We are at the beach this week (you Easterners would call it "the shore"). i will post pix when I get home.

Pharaoh Bonehoffer said...

I had no trouble at all with the compression scnes and other action, though a video would be very nice ;-)

great stuff.
Floating brains in jars make anything cool.

Swinebread said...

Cthulhu nerd? try minion :D

I do have something I want to send you but I have to type it up and scan some stuff.

I will get to it I promise...

Arkonbey said...

Snab: I actually have a sort of backstory for why she wants the brains, but yours might be cooler!

And the Adriondaks are a mountain range in upper NY state. Suppsedly, some white guys back in the day asked the local tribe (Abenaki, I think) what tribe lived in the mountains and they replied "Adirondak" . This meant 'bark eater' which was their derogatory term for this tribe. I actually never hit the Cascades or the Olympic range at all when I lived in Seattle. I was a young loser then, I suppose.

SB: you'd better!

And welcome, Pharaoh Bonehoffer or should I say... Doctor Smoke! You'll have to be sneakier than that my friend.

Pharaoh Bonehoffer said...

if you'd read my blog you'd know this wasn't a sneaky identity change.

Lee said...

That's really cool, i love that the red light on the brain capsule device thingy and the night vision.

The limited colour used is really effective, and wonderfully expressed facial expressions!

Also the timing/pace really great too...

I'll stop now :)

Dean Wormer said...

Thank God I can't read or some hot chick would steal my brain.


Arkonbey said...

Lee: yes, please stop! Heh. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks for the positive feedback.

Dean:Hee! Sorry I've been purposefully ignoring your blog. See post: "preview" for the reason.

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