Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Comic Poll


AndreZero has delivered Act 1 of issue 4 and work has begun. My question to you, loyal readers, is would you like this to be serialized, or would you like to wait until the entire thing is done (placated by regular process work scans)?

Let me know.

To start the placation, here's a page I did before I got the finished script, so It doesn't really fit. It was really just an excuse to test a new pen and it will give you an idea of the inking style. I'm going for basic clean-line style in full-color with local-color shading.

Listening to while posting: "Metropolis" by Tomoyasu Hotei


Jake said...

Hey, that looks really nice. I dig the cockpit interior shot.

ladybug said...

I'll take it anyway you want to deliver it! I really have fun reading your comics, too bad you have to have a "day jerb".....

Swinebread said...

I guess I would say serialized because I enjoy hearing about the process.

Don Snabulus said...

I would agree with Swiney as long as the serialized process isn't an undue burden. I've enjoyed the last two tales done that way.

Dean Wormer said...

Is that Leslie Nielsen?

Yes, plz serialize.

Arkonbey said...

Jake: wow. Thanks for coming. Your work seems to be hovering in the back of my head for this whole project.

LB: :D (and it's a day jeeorb)
Swine/Snab/Dean: All right, you got it. It'll be serialized in two-page updates like the last one.

Dean: Funny you should say that! We're going for a Golden Age look and when I did the first round of costume design they looked exactly like the crew of C-57D.

Becca said...

Either way is cool by me.

Oh and that's a great page, the inking is indeed wonderful but I'm really intriqued by that cockpit full of characters! Really cool!