Monday, September 8, 2008

comic stuff

Firstly, Obscure Tales Issue Four: The Suns of Charybdis has officially begun. It's only the title page, but page two is done and colored and three is in the works. Working with AndreZero as a writer means I should show him the pages before I finish them. These will take a bit longer due to the (over)coloring. There's also a new navigation system added. Just click on the right-side image to go to the next and the left-side image to go back. Cool, eh? Hopefully a bit more intuitive.

So, I'll add an image of the poster I'm dong for 24 Hour Comics Day this year. I drew it by hand and traced it in Illustrator. The plan is to silkscreen a number of them rather than just photocopy them. Much cooler. We're also doing t-shirts! Woo!

Other than that, I've been busy. Riding (no rain for an entire week!) and on Sunday went on a helicopter ride out of a farm down the street with a bunch of barnstorming missionaries (no sermon required). Also, Sweet Enemy participated in the South End Art Hop in Burlington. She should be posting about it and I don't want to jinx it, but I'll say that she left with $185 worth of art sold and is now in contact with a couple who saw one of her more expensive pieces there and REALLY want to buy it! Yay! Sweet Enemy!

Listening to while posting: "Concourse '73" by Cadillac Jones


ladybug said...

That's a neato poster Arkonbey! Like the 1st page of the comic too... hope Sweet Enemy will be getting more orders too!

Don Snabulus said...

I like the poster as well. We might need to figure out how to procure a t-shirt or 3 with our vast wealth.

I wonder if that 2112 on page one was a small nod to that Canadian power rock trio Stephen Colbert had on his show a few weeks back.

Evil Twin said...

I really like the comic so far, but that poster is pure greatness. It blew me away.
Well done!

Arkonbey said...

LB: thanks! and as far as SE goes, so do I. she said the best part was someone wanting her work that badly!

Snab: I think some shirts can be arranged. I'll do a test and make sure they turn out okay.

not just 2112, but the ship's number is sort of a reference to 'Chemistry'. "Two to One". Lame, but that went through my head as I drew it.

ET: Not often I get to blow someone away. Glad you like it!