Sunday, December 7, 2008


I finally took a pile of film to get developed. Yes, I still use film for three reasons.

>With B/W, you get a true resonance that you get by making a color digital image grayscale. You just don't, okay?

>>I like the fact that I can't help but save the 'bad' pictures. There are plenty of pictures I have from the old days that are terrible, but are the only photo of certain people or things. If they were digital files, I'd have likely deleted them.

>>>Expense. I am just good/knowledgeable enough to need a good digital SLR; one that costs at least a grand and I can't afford that. Especially since none of my lenses will fit a digital SLR and that is a huge cost.

So, here are some of the better photos. I have some good ones of my niece, but I don't want to post them just yet because a) more kid photos on the internets? Boring! and b) I'm going to have large prints made for Sweet Enemy to frame and give them to my mom and I don't want to risk her seeing them beforehand.

These two are from the Jericho/Underhill Harvest Festival:

And this? This is Kermit, one of a pair of siblings owned by my step-brother-in-law Former Ski Racer. Because they really look to him as the alpha, they pine when he's gone. That day, FSR and his SO went out in the kayak for a paddle and as soon as he began to go away, Kermit jumped on the JetSki and watched them, ever so sad.

In other news, Torchwood = good. We watched it for the first time last night (well, SE had seen a couple of episodes). It seems only the British can get sci-fi right. Cheesy effects and comedy mixed perfectly with realistic romance and drama. Zowie. Also, more gay kissing than many shows I've seen. SE and I don't have a problem with gay kissing, but I think it shouldn't look do darned... hungry. I mean they have characters kissing in the open like most people would kiss in bed.

listening to while posting. the woodstove clanking and SE turning pages.


ladybug said...

Torchwood sounds totally cool! it only on cable or can you get it on PBS?...or mabe we gotta buy the DVD's?

I think you are right about digital vs film..but I like the fact digital by-passes all the chemical weirdness needed for film. Six 'n' one-half dozen of the other as they say...

Arjan said...

just bookmarked your blog (and both links you gave, I think I knew the paintrix's site). I googled SLR..just because English isn't my native language and I'm not used to that word haha.

And yes I do have one. I'll check my manual first thing saturday. I'll also check some good recipes.

Enough about my stuff. Nice blog ánd very very nice pictures. Camera prices are dropping like bricks just need to know whén to buy. Oh and the fact that my dad has an old compatible (analog) 200mm lens is also nice.

Arkonbey said...

LB: Torchwood IS cool. If you're a nerd and you've ever liked any incarnation of Dr. Who, get it!

Arjan: Thanks for stopping by. Sorry about the SLR thing. I'm mono-lingual myself (how American of me), and since your English was so good, I assumed you'd know what an SLR was :)

not wanting to have to buy more lenses is another reason I'm avoiding digital. I just bought a $185 macro lens for close-up photography and it won't fit any Canon digitals.

Mmmm. Foreign recipes...

Dean Wormer said...

It's also kind of cool that the actor playing the Captain Jack character has a rough scottish brogue in real life yet is able to do such a perfect American accent.

I agree about film. It's sort of the same thing with mp3s vs. lps.

Arkonbey said...


That is cool isn't it. Hugh Laurie's accent is one of the startling things that makes me wish that I actually liked House.

Arjan said...

ah but thankfully I've got google to help me out if my dictionary fails :D

I just remembered that I took pictures of almost every step while making peppernuts..(on my dad's cam) so I'll post the recipe somewhere this weekend with some quick snapshots.