Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Suns Update

Obscure Tales 4: Suns of Charybdis has updated!

The next few pages will be pretty cool. I believe this based on how hard it will be to draw.

Other things I've been doing is another model! This time a Tamiya Vought Chance F4U-1a Corsair . From an engineering perspective, Tamiya makes a great kit. Most of the joins are along seams, joints and panel lines of the actual aircraft which cuts down on the amount of filling and sanding. It's sitting on a half-built WW2 carrier deck that I'm scratchbuilding to go with it (and the Grumman F3 Wildcat I'm working on now).

Listening to while posting: Sweet Enemy talking to our good friend Eek who just got back from China and is visiting his folks in Maine before he heads back to San Fransico.


AndreZero said...

Great model. I really like the platform you've got it on. Make it look more like a scene.

Don Snabulus said...

Wow! Excellent attention to detail on that model. Looks very nice.

The comic is getting exciting. I did have a question...was "spacestion" a typo or the intended term?

ladybug said...

Yay! LOVE it! Waiting with baited breath for each new page...

Arkonbey said...

AZ: Thanks. I want to do all of my models in dioramas as a model on a shelf is just boring.

Don: SPACESTION is a typo. As was leaving the 'D' off of 'dead' (which AZ informed me in an email. I was moving too quickly with the update.

LB: I'll keep 'em comin'!

TF said...

I love the expression that the guy makes when he's told he's 'aged significantly'

'aaww shit!'
great schtuff!

Swinebread said...

The Suns of Charybdis is coming along well. your rendering of Doc stands out as the best imho.

Your story is reminding me of something but I don't want to say at this point just in case it might give away the story.

Nice work on your plane. What techniques do you use? dry brush, washes etc...

Arkonbey said...

TF: that was Sweet Enemy's favorite too. Right now I'm happy to be decent at expressions if I stink at rendering.

SB: Ha! I can bet what it reminds you of. After we were going for a while, AndreZero said it reminded him of something and was worried that it would seem cheesy. I figure we'll keep going, though.

For the plane I used an Aztek airbrush (gifted to me out of the blue) with the 'new' (to me) technique of 'pre-shading'. with some dark washes afterwards in the really deep panel lines (like control surfaces and access doors). I really learned a lot.

The figure I just treated like my old D&D minis ;)

Dean Wormer said...

That is some great modeling. I'm jealous of your wicked skills.