Sunday, August 2, 2009


I took a pile of film to get processed the other day. A bunch of stuff from Old Rhinebeck, but not much different than my dad's really, but here are a few.

Old Rhinebeck's founder, James Henry “Cole” Palen's first full-scale replica plane he built a Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker . Since nearly all WW 1 aircraft on all sides were painted in the pilot's individual colors, Palen decided to do the same (open image in new window for larger version):

Sweet Enemy asked the reason for this image and I thought it was a mixture of two things. Palen was probably told he'd get the replica finished when pigs fly and so he was painting a flying pig and telling the doubters to kiss his a$$ at the same time.

I took some artsy photos of aircraft parts. Here's a rotary engine close up:

And here's a picture I really like, if I do say so myself. It's my dad in one of the Old Rhinebeck Museum hangers:

There were, of course, a bunch of non-Rhinebeck images. Here are two from the wooded park down the street from our house.

And here's a girl I saw in downtown Burlington. I just HAD to take her picture. I cropped it to a square as that is how I plan to mat it if I print it.

Well, we're pooped. We just got back from a fantastic weekend at Sweet Enemy's family-in-law's "camp" (that's what Upstate New Yorkers call a "cabin/summer house on the lake". It's a great place. Truly cozy and full of wonderful people. It was the old arts and crafts building from a Catholic summer camp that was active in the 1930's. It's been in the family-in-law's family for decades and SE and I really appreciate their hospitality. There may be some pics of this trip in the future (I would post a link to Google Maps, but the resolution is pretty awful)

listening to while posting: nothing. Don't want to disturb SE. She's in bed and I'm going to sleep, too.


Lee Sargent said...

I really love the one with the girl on the scooter, it's a great shot and I agree it works so well with the square crop.

Don Snabulus said...

I think a pig's behind shows a lot of imagination. The busty babes on American craft were interesting too, but kind of showed a herd mentality in that one looked like another.

I like the "Rise of the Ferns" pic as well (liked em all really).

Swinebread said...

and your take great photos... man! :)