Sunday, October 25, 2009

a drawing!

I've mentioned before about Jake Parker's "Inktober" and how much it has been both inspiring and daunting me. So, I grabbed a brush pen and tried to do a finished work (which is something I haven't actually done in a long time, what with Obscure Tales and all). I also wanted to try to use lots of black. I'm afraid of black, it seems and Jake's lack of fear of black has forced me to address this deficit.

The subject you may recognize as the model I scratchbuilt from a giant Easter egg.

I drew it how I wanted to build it: in a diorama with an open front hatch, a fairing over the leg hinges and a figure with binoculars. But, the terrible plastic of the egg and the lack of winter-clad 1/48 scale figures shot this down.

The drawing itself was drawn with red lead (straight, with no graphite pencilling; I'm inordinately proud of this) and inked with a Pigma brush pen and done rather large. I didn't do anything in Photoshop other than blowing out the pencils and resizing.

I know, I should be working on Death of a Friend. I am, I just had to do this.

I do wonder if Jake would be creeped out or flattered that effect his Inktober drawings are having on me. I'd also wonder how he'd do a pair of daytime moons with just a brush pen. I could not figure that out...

Listening to while posting: "They Got Lost" by They Might Be Giants


Arjan said...

it really looks awesome!
For a moment I thought the hatch was a gun (like on the Apache).

Rambler said...


Jake said...

This turned out really nice. You've got me thinking about the daytime moons now...that's a tough one.