Friday, October 9, 2009

Quickie Post

Inspired by Jake Parker's "Inktober" (a whole month of ink drawings, with pen, brush and brush-pen), I grabbed the Pentel brush-pen that Sweet Enemy got for me last year. I remember not liking it, which is why it sat in my caddy since then.

I find that still really don't like it; I don't hate it, but it won't be my weapon of choice. It is temperamental, dispensing heavy ink or ink so light the lines look like the printing on the faux-distressed shirts from A & F. The point also doesn't behave. It is VERY pointy, but holds little ink. While the belly is very thick and only gives up ink to the point grudgingly.

Ah, well. I'm still looking for the magical tool, I suppose.

Here's the offering. Sort of based on a light-hearted, rather romantic comic I drew for SE years ago and may revisit (especially after the grim Ghost of Delilah Gray:

Listening to while posting: The sound of the lentil/vegetable stew I made last night bubbling in the kitchen.


Jake said...

Hey not bad! I think if you got the right pen you'd be much happier inking this way. These two have a lot more life and dynamism than some of your other drawings I've seen.

Don Snabulus said...

That inking style looks especially good with the ears. The ears show a lot of texture.

Arjan said...

the ears look especially great indeed.