Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm back!


I'll admit straight off, that I was reluctant to post over my remembrance of Nabut post. At least not without art to show. So, here we are.

Death of a Friend is done. First, I'd like to thank Andre Zero for the great story. I learned a lot with this piece. The first thing is to buckle down and get the thing done. I mean, a year is wayyyy too long to complete something like this. Aside from the reader's perspective, I think my art changed too much during the process. Also, I rushed bits and I'm not happy with that. I'm sorry, everyone.

The next one will be better and faster, I promise this.

And I don't break promises.

Speaking of the next one: the next one will be a bit late. Andre Zero and Science Girl have moved to Washington D.C. Science Girl got her PhD in Biology (woot!) and now has a job at the N.I.H.. They're still in the process of moving, with Andre Zero flying back and for until August to finish work for his old job. So, he won't have time to write for a while, unless I really cajole him. We're gonna miss those guys and not just because I need a good writer.

I actually helped Science Girl get her PhD by providing some illustrations for her presentation. Check 'em out. Mice and mouse noses!

Speaking of mice, back in Janurary or so, I did a piece of Missile Mouse fanart for Jake Parker. I'm pretty proud of it. What do you think? The poster to his left, I'm really happy with. It's optimized for four-color, full-bleed tabloid screen print just in case...

If you're jonesing for Arkonbey comics, never fear. I've got a small comic for Sweet Enemy in the works and I've got some other comic-related art projects in progress. Right now I'm working on The Page 100 Project based on a cool idea by Jason Turner. You take a book, turn to page 100 and do that page up as a comic page. I've got three different book pages going. One is fully pencilled and two are finalized sketches. Stay tuned.

In other comic news, I'd like to publicly thank Snab and Ladybug for the fantastic and quite surprising gift that arrived at our doorstep last Friday. A largeish box filled with stuff from the Stumptown Comics Fest! Sweet Enemy and I were in comic heaven. And the thought of the sweetness of the gift makes me smile even now.

Thanks Snab.

That's all for now. But, more will follow.

Listening to while posting: "Fire" by the Rebirth Brass Band


Arjan said...

good to see you back, and with plenty of stuff!
Just 'read' Death of a friend cover to cover to get the story again ;) I really liked it.

That mouse art reminds me of Bikermice from Mars (in a good way). Awesome.

Don Snabulus said...

And so concludes DOAF. I liked the ending.

I like the mice...something about it reminds me of Corel Draw for OS/2. It has a vector feel I guess and that is the one of the last vector programs I used.

I look forward to more goodies!

ladybug said...

I liked the ending too, unexpectedly! Glad to know you liked the surprise mailer! Hope your Summer is shaping up to be a good one

samax said...

good looking illustrations! The older I get, the more I appreciate illustrations...

Also, love your Missile Mouse fan art!

Just read 'Death of a Friend', and thought it was a cool comic. The comic actually works great without dialogue. I particularly enjoyed the change in the soldier, who defends the robot at the end (poor #27)

great stuff!

Arkonbey said...

@Arjan: Glad you liked DoaF. I think Jake Parker would appreciate the comparison, he's a child of the 90s

@Snab. OS/2? Jeezum! That's back when Macs looked like little TVs and had handles.

@LB: Really glad you liked it. And our summer is starting off fine, hope yours just keeps getting better.

@samax: Glad you liked DoaF. The lack of dialog was only difficult when it came to showing emotion in #27. I'm not sure if using punctuation and emoticons was a cop out. and the illustrations were fun, especially as I had only the most rudimentary idea of what I was showing.