Friday, May 28, 2010


No inking of the next Page 100 Project piece.

What happened was I decided on Tuesday to re-draw some of the panels. Turns out that I didn't notice that I'd measured the height some of the panels and threw off everything. Since I did these panels separately, I didn't notice until I was nearly done pencilling. The recovery process cost me some time.

I have however lettered the dialog for one of the two characters; Sweet Enemy will be doing the other character. Lettering is much harder than drawing, really. The trick is to not try to just write, if you do, you'll get sloppy.

So, to apologize, here's a scan of the oldest drawing I still have. My mother dates it to when I was in first or second grade (back when there was still a "Y" at the end of my first name).

Check it out. You can sort of read that I had written US.A.F on the side of the truck in pencil along with two pencilled riders in the truck. I really dig the driver.

Listening to while posting: "Over the Waterfall" by Michelle Shocked (in my head)


Arjan said...

..oops that sucks.

Nice can spot the talent already ;)

Don Snabulus said...

No worries.

ladybug said...

Wow, looks like I've missed a bunch of posts! Working on some projects of my own...Glad to hear you've got another kitty! Wildlife not so exciting here in suburbia. Just some raccoons and wandering cats mostly. Can't wait for the new work!