Saturday, November 20, 2010

Stuff and things and others things!

Firstly, I'm halfway done inking and coloring Obscure Tales issue 7. Here's the cover:

This is smaller issue than before, so it will be posted all at once. Keep watching for the announcement of the posting.

Secondly, 'tis the season!

I'm again offering free 6" x 6" ink drawings*. I'm offering five again, but due to my job situation, we'll have to talk about postage. Also, if you don't make the cut, I'll do one, or any other art for very small amounts of cash or in trade for a similar-sized piece of original art.

You might be saying to yourself, how do I get a free drawing? Just comment "I want a free drawing!". If you are one of the five, I'll post your name on the blog and you can contact me via email and we'll talk about what you want and shipping. C'mon! You can't beat the price.

If you've already gotten a free one last time, you can still ask for one. However, newbies get priority. Anyone can give me money, however. The commissions can be of nearly any size or type of work from the standard 6" x 6" ink drawing to a comic.

Thirdly, if my art doesn't float your boat, perhaps the art of Arkonbey's Favorite Person on the Planet™ Sweet Enemy will. She has an etsy store that sells original art and prints.

So, let me know if you want something!

UPDATE 23 Nov 2010: You have until December 4th to request a free drawing

listening to while posting: "I Miss You" by Bjork

*The free ink drawing can be of any subject or character, but there are limits. I'll do mild or suggested violence, but no gore; I'll do tasteful nudes or pinups or even innuendo, but no graphic sex; scat and vore are right out. I like to have my artistic boundaries pushed, but am to wimpy to do it myself. So I'll accept any challenge you throw out.


Don Snabulus said...

Since I've been a previous beneficiary, how about a low cost option assuming you are not assailed by a flurry of n00bs?

decapod said...

Oh! I'd love one of a Lobstah! If I am one of the lucky five, could we arrange pick up at the artist's residence and a tour of the studio?

Rambler said...

Ditto to Don!

Arjan said...

I want a free drawing!
There :)

@ the rest of the post: I'm curious who the partner is.