Monday, December 6, 2010

It's time!

Firstly, the new AndreZero-penned Obscure Tales episode is up. I give you:

Interrogation 101.


Secondly, the meager response to the free drawing giveaway means that all posters get one! I'll work on them in order of posting and new-ness. So, in order, it's: 1) Decapod 2) Arjan 3) Rambler 4) Snab. Get your thinking caps on and decide what you want. Hit my portfolio and dig up my email (you're now part of a special crew) and let me know what you want. We'll work out shipping once I'm done drawing.

In other news, we survived the huge wind storm (90 MPH gusts) out here last week just fine. Only two trees down, and that means firewood next year. We did lose power for three days due to a four-meter pine branch hanging on the lines. Sweet Enemy, Bernie the Fat Cat and I made the best of it, though; sitting in our stove-room, heating tortillas on the wood stove by the light of our glass-chimney'd oil lamp. We read comics and ghost stories and basically enjoyed a small technology-free vacation. I took some video of the trees in our woods blowing like wheat; if I can get it off of the camera, I'll post it.

Power was back on Friday thanks to the hard work of the CVPS crews. There were 25,000 out total in our county and some friends were still without power; they had a large maple across the road and hanging on the lines at EACH end of their road.

We do have to call a tree surgeon as a big pine right next to the house has developed a vertical crack in one of its large (8") branches. Creepy.


Listening to while posting, Symphony #7 by Antonin Dvorak on VPR Classical


Don Snabulus said...

That was an intense storm! Glad it turned out generally okay.

Arjan said...

wow, 4 days!
I'm gonna put the cap on and search for the email address..not sure if I have it around though.

Otherwise, email me at

Rambler said...


Pandabonium said...

Shame to lose trees, but if you can use them I guess its OK. 90mph is really severe. Yikes.

Re: Interogation 101: as Kevin Spacey says toward the end of "The Usual Suspects", "F***ing cops."