Sunday, January 21, 2007

Supah Hero

I think I'm addicted to IF: I found myself checking for the new topic at 8am EST. How sad is that?

Two of the perks of posting to IF are related. One thing is getting to see a whole lot of very nice work; it's inspiring. The other is people whose work I really enjoy leaving little snippets of praise on my drawings. However, I have a selfish request: Praise is always appreciated, but critiques are better. So, if anyone wants to leave snippets of critique that would be sweet.

Here's my hero. I just finished it a few minutes ago. It's loosely inspired by a work by the Japanese illustrator Falcoon. A description of the image cannot do it justice, but I will say it was a bit Alex Ross-esque. Regretably, the image itself is no long posted, probably due to storage constraints (he's very prolific). His work is worth checking out. Start here and work your way around. It will be so worth it. This guy has talent in droves.

Anyhoo. My piece is an exploration of simple comic book shading technique. I need to work on this. My problem is I start over-rendering in places and the piece gets very muddy and a bit half-assed looking. This turned out pretty well. For now.