Wednesday, July 18, 2007


This was a pretty good topic, I thought. I had the basic idea on Sunday and sketched it out rough. Two more sketches later, I decided to attempt a scratchboard of it.

Result = failure.

Ah, well, can't win them all. So, in the need to get something up by Wednesday, I offer the third-round sketch placed in the semblance of an old-school sci-fi magazine cover. I would love to see this painted don't have much ability in painting. I actually entered art school hoping to be a painter, but sucked very much. I was so bad in fact that my instructor was so impressed with my progress from the fall to spring semester that the upped my grade from a C- to a C+. Luckily, I discovered type...

So, here it is. Just imagine that this was painted by Frank Kelly Freas or someone of his towering ability.

A used bookstore in town has a display of three items that the owner bought at an estate sale. Three pristine Fantasy and Science Fiction magazines and the original paintings of their covers! He has them displayed without price in a hidden area of the store. He showed them to me after I'd come up to the register with couple of 'golden age' sci-fi compilations.

Listening to: "Dawning of a New Era" by The Specials


Janice said...

Its a true talent to be able to render type in respect to space and balance, and choose the correct fonts! Your layout is 'excellent' and I really like the figure. his four arms. (could be hers too I suppose) .....Its neat how you caught the reflection of the beach in the face mask! :)
Have you considered doing ink work...? then just applying a rough wash? leaving lots of white?
BTW.. thankyou for your feedback and anecdote.. I bet you were surprised with your visitor!

AndreZero said...

Great job on the "fake" magazine. I love the subtitle. Geography of Nowhere totally sounds like an old school sci-fi story.

Swinebread said...

Hey, at least you are still drawing... I gave up many moons ago.

That cover makes me think of one of my favorite analogy titles Alien Encounters.

Arkonbey said...

Janice: Hey! You noticed the beach! I didn't think it translated well.

Andre: the title comes from my list of things misheard:

Swinebread: Wow. I am disappointed that I'd never heard of Alien Encounters. I may have to dig some up. Start drawing again. I was even suckier a year ago :)