Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This is a marvel of obscurity. Not only did I turn the title into a pun, it is a pun on a relatively obscure '70s sci-fi TV show!

Oh the horror...

If you figure out the pun and can stop groaning enough to reveal the name of the show, you win a No-Prize.

This was an attempt at digital inking with a low-end Wacom (a Sapphire rather than an Intuos). So, without all of the bells and whistles like pressure sensitivity, I did not like the result at all. The background was done in Adobe Illustrator and turned out okay.

Here you go:

Listening to while posting:
"Crane Wive 1 & 2" by The Decemberists from 'the Crane Wife"


Swinebread said...

I know the show, but I don't get the pun. hmmmm.

AndreZero said...

I too know what the show is... but not well enough to get the pun :(

the out-of-focus background on this screws with my head. It's a bit to disjointed...

Arkonbey said...

Andre- you're right, the bg doesn't work, but then, not much does on this piece.

Here's the (horrible) pun:

The title for this week is 'alphabets'. Space: 1999 took place on Moonbase Alpha. They are on Moonbase Alpha taking wagers, or 'bets'. Alpha bets!

Hahahahahahahahaha... heh...

Larry Lee said...

I actually got this before reading your response to andrezero. I admit I had to read the set-up text. The reference to 70's sci-fi show was the give-away. No better joke than a bad pun. Of course the badder the better. (Or is that bettor. [get it...wager])

Arkonbey said...

Larry Lee: That was terrible!

I so deserved that