Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I almost didn't do this one as I didn't care for the topic. I cared for last week's topic, but the irony was I was just getting momentum on a comic written by Andre Zero . It was actually written by him for me last year, and the recent momentum was great. Four pages pencilled, three pages inked. Yee ha.

Anyway, Sweet Enemy bought me The Crane Wife by the Decemberists and I seem to have been listening the hell out of it. Not to always good effect: it is hard to have a really good, fast mountain bike ride with the plodding, depressing Shank Hill Butchers echoing around your head.

However, it did inspire this little piece (and I mean little, the sketch wasn't even six inches high). I dragged out an old Adobe Illustrator (9) technique that is very time consuming, but yields pretty good results. So, here it is:

listening to while posting: The Crane Wife by The Decemberists. All of it. I must stop listening to it. Now.


hatrabbit said...

Nice work, I love that crane and the touches of red.

Janice said...

Its lovely, Like the pose, format and the choice of colours.

janie said...

Very elegant and dignified and composed... everything I'm not actually!!
Beautifully done. I like the clean style.
I had to google Batz-maru, but ya definitely a long lost cousin or something:)

Swinebread said...

oh man, that's great!

Now for the whole wedding party...

Lets see a Raccoon Dog, a rabbit, Fox, Crow... sorry the art got me little excited..

Arkonbey said...

swinebread: Yeah! I've always wanted an excuse to draw a tanuki!

janine: thanks. Batz-Maru, the badass of the Sanrio universe