Thursday, September 27, 2007


Ok. I'm not doing an IF work this week. Mostly because I am actually juggling. Day job, Sweet Enemy's portfolio, and a comic I'm working on with Andre Zero. I'm in the scanning and coloring phase (woo hoo!). Here is a test of the coloring. This is page 2/4:

comments very, very welcome.

Listening to while posting: "Man in a Suitcase" by The Police from 'Zenyatta Mondatta'. (to quote Atom : "Sting cannot possibly be the same guy who was in The Police)

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Swinebread said...

I really like the palette you’ve chosen for the page. The colors along with the dots add a nice level of familiarity, like you’re picking up a comic/artist you’ve encountered before. The panel layout is great too because, even though they’re part of a larger comic story they still tell a story on this one page. Simply put, it’s interesting. Who died, who is the rich guy and what’s his connection to the family and the deceased? It’s full of dramatic tension… that’s what a comic should be about. Sometimes it’s hard to get that from somebody just walking into the room, but once you’re able to capture it through the POV of the panels you’re on your way (so to speak). Nice work!

Arkonbey I wanted to also mention that Verotik Comics is reprinting Valkrie: Golden Age Collection vol #1 again for $14.95, its on page 346 of the October Previews. I know your into those air-maiden types so I thought I’d mention it. I didn’t see the new release on the web anyplace or I would have posted a link.