Friday, June 8, 2007

non-IF work

So, this is what I was working on instead of 'your paradise'. This is from an idea I've been kicking around for a comic. Sort of a Blackhawks/ Sky Captain alternate past deal, only with a female protagonist. Cheesy? Sort of. I picture her character as a trailblazer (a woman flying actual combat rather than just a ferry pilot or trainer). A lot could be done with her relationships with the male pilots. However, I'm not a great writer and can barely write from my own perspective, let alone a woman's. If anyone else feels like writing...

This worked pretty well. I've been very hesitant to use black lately. So, I went heavy on the black here. This almost works, but something isn't right. Not with the color work, but with the linework. I think I'm going to try again. and again.


Swinebread said...

Nice work I've always been a big fan of the Air Fighters, especially Valkyrie. So I really enjoy classic female pilot characters.

Have your heard of the Crimson Skies universe? It has a whole series of games, and books based around a fragmented US during the 1930s. Transportation is centered around zeppelins and airplanes with sky pirates waiting to strike.

Arkonbey said...

Man. I wish someone would do a reprint of Airboy. That looks fantastic. Do you know if there is anything available?

I've heard of Crimson Skies and always wanted to play it. Sky pirates are cool. Have you read 'Airborn' by Kenneth Oppel?

I picture Cobra Lilly as being in an alternate universe that isn't too far removed from reality. It would be interesting having her dealing with being the first female combat pilot in the USAAF rather than being an immediate heroine. I would like to have her fighting a more fantastic villian than just Nazis or the Japanese empire. Unless it turned into Luft 46 ( or something.

Swinebread said...

Verotik Comics came out with a trade in 2004

Eclipse Comics did a new Airboy Stories in the 1980s that weren’t too bad. You could find ‘em in the quarter bin. Valkyrie was the best part of 'em.

I haven't read Airborn, I'll check it out.

Sounds very interesting, maybe she could fight the Sky Pirate Empire?