Saturday, June 16, 2007


Woo Hoo! This is my earliest IF post ever.

I win.

Anyway. I did rush this a bit to get the early (for me) post. Thanks to all of those who gave me such great feedback last week; the shadows aren't my best, but they are there. I used this definition for 'Rejection':

"an immune response in which foreign tissue (as of a skin graft or transplanted organ) is attacked by immune system components of the recipient organism".

So, here's rejection:

A no-prize to whomever can name the movie this references (though, remember, you'll be showing your age and/or geekiness by answering correctly). Speaking of no-prizes. The answer to last week's no-prize question was "Sebastian Stark" as played by James Woods in the TV show 'Shark'. The key to the answer was the fact that I said 'attempting to portray" and not "what he looks like".

What I'm listening to while posting: "Man, It's So Loud In Here" by They Might Be Giants off of 'Mink Car'. ( I like this song and like TMBG, but I didn't buy this album because it came with a giant sticker that read '
"featuring 'yeah, yeah, yeah!' from the Chrysler commercial!" and a Chrysler logo)


Rrramone said...

Who wants to win a no-prize? ;-)

demosthenes said...

much better.

i think this movie is called The Man with Two Heads or The Thing with two heads, or something like that. it starred Rosie (or possibly Rosey) Greer and i think Ray Miland. i'm pretty sure it was a Roger Corman movie.

yes, i am an old nerd :D

Arkonbey said...

Demosthenes wins the no-prize!

He also gets extra credit for knowing the stars' names.

The movie was actually directed by Lee Roth. A man who seems to have directed under many, many aliases.

Janice said...

this has a monty python feel which is cool, :) , but the illo doesnt readily, read 'rejection' to me....clearly>>(the way your words describe it). This might be because I'm unfamiliar with the movie..Or maybe if it were part of a panel, setting this scene up? . or: If you had a headless body walking away... I'd feel the head was rejected..Or if the watching figure was positioned differently.... Right now it could be the *hand* on the adams family... just a head...

Arkonbey said...

I was intentionally obscure with this one. Perhaps, not such a good idea?

The synopsis for the film will (hopefully) give the illustration some sense:

Dr. Maxwell Kirshner (Ray Milland), a dying, wealthy racist surgeon invents a way for living, human heads to be transplanted onto healthy bodies. As his health rapidly deteriorates, there remains only one alternative: graft Kirshner's onto the body of a black death row inmate, Jack Moss, played by Rosie Grier.

georg said...

I think, it's good, that it was the white head he lost!

Swinebread said...

Now that is a comic I'd like to read, the continuing adventure of the thing with two heads. Great illustration brought back memories of Cracked, of all things.