Thursday, February 28, 2008



Comments are dwindling.

Maybe a giant-size pull-out from the Evil Nazi Jetpack Penguins cover will help.

And if not, it was a real learning experience to do it. Fully hand-inked it's about 8" tall in RL. Photoshop (over)colored.


Anybody gonna try a Bourble this weekend?

listening to while posting: "They Got Lost" by They Might Be Giants from the album They Got Lost


Sweet Enemy said...

Dramatic lighting never looked so good! Sweet. Glad to see you had a productive night.

Doctor Smoke said...

that's freaking-my-mind-out awesome, arkonbey!

*mumble*the same boat we are in on the comments front, yes?*mumble*

Don Snabulus said...

Nazi penguins are the worst kind. They see everything in black-and-white. Way to punish them by using color.

I will see your comment and raise you a link in my blogroll. Ha!

AndreZero said...

For some reason I read the 8" tall as "8 feet tall"!

So did the nazis use other types of penguins? or were the Emperor penguins the only ones racial pure enough for them?

Very cool drawing!

Arkonbey said...

AndreZero: I was only thinking of using Emperors because of their size, but your idea is much better!

ladybug said...

Evil Nazi Penguins huh?

That's a new one in my book of the weird...I'll pencil it in for a smart aleck comment during some scintillating conversation over fast food!

Doctor Smoke said...

I hate to clutter you blog with other-related stuff, but I'd really like it if you guys commented on Sandalphone. I've recently added two more episodes and comments and as I say, are dwindling on my end too ( not saying anything about my fellow creators Flòki and Jo, but it would be nice to have some external opinions again).

sorry again.

Swinebread said...

simply amazing! I cannot get enough. You got some made coloring skills man!

I really do plan on sending you a request, I'm just pressed for time. gulp!

Arkonbey said...

I'm patient SB, but looking forward!

Glad you like the ENJP. If I could write, I'd do a story (feel like writing? Andre Zero is training for his second dan in aikido, so Mr. Twilight has been moved to the back burner)