Thursday, February 14, 2008

something for (nearly) everyone

First, the thing for me. For you, not so much. But, it will be an indication of the hyperlinking of my brain. I really like words and was thinking of the one thing that Terry Pratchett does that bugs me. Whenever he speaks of someone shooting a bow or crossbow, he says 'fired an arrow'. Fires? The correct term is 'loose'. 'Fire' comes from the days when it was just big ol' unreliable cannon and you would add a lit torch to the touch hole to set off the powder. 'ready, aim, fire' comes from this.

Now, this got me thinking about matchlock guns. Was there a command of 'ready, aim, apply match'? If there was, we might be talking about matchfights in Fallujah, or an bomber taking anti-aircraft match or the sound of gunmatch on new year's eve. Sounds weird, doesn't it. Perhaps even impossible. But, think of this, it was only a question of geography and lineage that we don't call two pieces of bread with stuff in the middle a 'warrington' , a 'strathmore' or a 'pembroke'. Instead it's named after this guy.

Now for other people. This is for Dr. Smoke because he demanded it:

These are for Andrezero because he mentioned that he preferred Little Miss Punch-in-the-Crotch back when she was tearing up the Golden Age as Kick-in-the-Jimmy Girl. He's right about the hat being silly, but I have to agree that them are some nice jimmy-kicking boots:

Sorry I'm too tired to do a full OHOTMU entry. If anybody wants to, please do. (Just keep in mind she's really short).

I actually have a sketch of something for Swinebread. It's going to take a bit longer, though and I did want to get Kick-in-the-Jimmy girl up.

Listening to while posting: "Woman Downstairs" by The Handsome Family . I can only take one of their songs every now and then, but give them a listen.


Doctor Smoke said...

*punches the air*

great work, my man.

AndreZero said...

are those light bulbs on the back of the boots?

Swinebread said...

That's really funny... like a character you'd see in Ambush bug! and I love ambush bug!

great job!

Arkonbey said...

Dr. S: Ask and you shall receive!

AndreZero: No. Duh. They are the aether regulators for the piezoelectric jimmy-kicking power supply

swine: I gotta find me some Ambush Bug!