Sunday, February 17, 2008

something for (nearly) everyone continued

So, here's the thing for Swinebread. It isn't really done yet, but I had to get it posted. I also wanted to get the linework-only ink scanned just in case I screwed up the inking. Looking at it now I really should take all the advice and use thicker lines, this is good, but it looks a bit static. My pencil work has lots of energy, this, not so much. However, unfinished as it is, it is just too see if it sparks a story.

So, I give you: The Attack of the Schwimmenvogelluftwaffe!

Here's the scan that I got the title and used for a reference for the wear. I love the so-bad-it's-good artwork.

Listening to while posting: NOTHING. My mp3 player's battery died just as I signed it.


Doctor Smoke said...

*sucks air into lungs*


*brain explodes*

Doctor Smoke said...

and infinite thanks for including the consortium in you blog list!

Swinebread said...


I love it. Weird War is the perfect title for such a tale!

The detail work on the penguins and the jetpack is incredible. Just what the doctor ordered.

You’re right, a thicker line would help but it’s offset somewhat by the smoke trail. Areas of solid balk work wonders for your pieces. At least I think so!

Again, really fantastic! Better than I imagined it!

Those Brewster Buffalo Fighters didn’t stand a chance!

Thanks Man!

Arkonbey said...

Swine: Really glad you like it!

Brewster Buffaloes didn't stand a chance against much...

Nerd note: I didn't do much research and gave them four- instead of three-bladed props. I also gave them USAAF markings/colors. Maybe I should have made them Kiwis?