Friday, February 8, 2008

Sketch Dump 3

Hey, sketch dump time again. I'm going to keep doing this until I'm asked to stop, or I run out of storage space, or I forget.

This week started off good, but a lack of eraser for two days (duh), made for some crappy sketches. I was also working on my freelance project at night and a pro-bono poster design for a rural middle school's theater department.

On with the show. The first from Monday is a super team. I'm not sure if they are super heroes or super villains. It started with the guy in the middle and then just grew from there. I typed out the text that I had written next to the sketches as my handwriting was... not good.

The same day brought a freighter study for an upcoming comic and some more ENJPs.

Tuesday brought a good page. The upper drawing is supposed to be Mr. Twilight fighting a giant plant. What it looks like is a less gross version of the scene in Akira where Tetsuo attacks the Colonel. The little heads of Jean d'Arc as a lamb was an idea I was kicking around for a while, though I can't help feeling that Juanjo Guarnido would do it much, much better.

Wednesday brought works that really aren't worth showing (why, yes. I am editing). On Thursday I did some sketches for the Dare Detectives Weekly Challenge I mentioned a few posts ago. This was to be my heroine's 'Advantages'; what strengths she has over her foes. So, I did some quick little drawings. This one went with the description of her natural piloting abilities:

This was to go with a description of her extraordinary sense of her body in relation to its surroundings:

One thing I found here. Although I've been mountain biking seriously and continuously since 1987, I could not for the life of me draw a person on a bike! I could draw the bike fine but trying to put the rider on proved very difficult. Sure, could have hit my pile of Bike magazines, but this was a quicky. And I wanted to see if I could do it. So, today at lunch, I tried again.

That's all. Gotta go work on my freelance stuff. Yee ha!

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Doctor Smoke said...

Wow. I'd love to see that pic of Mr.Twilight saying 'bloody hell' all inked and coloured!
Go do that now! Now!

oh and please, for the love of flavin comment on my Sandalphone posts.
here have a gherkin.

AndreZero said...

I'm not sure what effect you were shooting for with the two colored drawings you have posted here. I'm assuming those are supposed to look like creases? I can't put my finger on exactly why but it doesn't look right for some reason... maybe it's because the colors are so vibrant but the wrinkles imply an aged photo?

And I was a really big fan of Kick-in-the-Jimmy-Girl but I don't really care for the Miss Punch-in-the-Crotch costume. Ok, I'm kidding since I've never seen Kick-in-the-Jimmy-Girl before... I just felt obligated to give a "but the old costume was better!" comment. Great ideas for Heroes. I could almost see these in PS238...

Arkonbey said...

The two colored pictures are an exercise in quickie-ness. Yes, the bottom one was to look wrinkled and yes, I was moving to fast to notice that I didn't fade the colors.

Where the heck were you when I made them? Huh? jerk.

I can't believe you like the Kick-In-The-Jimmy Girl costume! It was soooooo dated it wasn't even good enough to be retro.

AndreZero said...

I realize she needed to redefine herself as a "young woman" when she turned 16, but you have to admit, the boots she wore as KITJ-girl were all about Kicking Jimmy's and taking names... The "new edgier" look with the Crotchblasting gloves just can't compete with classic costume. Although I have to admit, I'm glad to see the silly hat she used to wear is no longer part of the costume

Swinebread said...

You have to do a something with those Evil Nazi Jetpack Penguins
They one of the most awsone Ideas I've ever seen. The Nazis clamed part of Antarica so it would make sense that "their" Penguins would carry on...

I haven't been able to locate my stuff so maybe I could send you some characters I made for an RPG

Arkonbey said...


I totally want to do something with the ENJPs, but there is a hitch: I'm not a writer. I bog myself down in details of creation that get in the way of story.

You got any ideas?

Speaking of ideas, send what ever you'd like, man! If you can't find your old stuff, perhaps you could re-imagine them base on what you remember about it. I find that, happily, it's often the not-great parts that fall out of the memory.