Sunday, June 1, 2008


I had a busy art weekend. However, as one should always open with a joke, here is an art supply joke:

"I just can't seem to stop using this stuff!"

Now, the news. AndreZero asked me two things. One: if "The Beast" is Obscure Tales #2, what is #1? and Two: would I post the first story that we worked on together so that he could get some writing critiques? The answer to both is the same thing. I created a cover for Obscure Tales #2 and it features our first story: "Last Respects" featuring a character AndreZero created, Mr. Twilight.

Where can I see this fine story, you ask? Good question.

The answer? Here in my new Sequential Art Repository. This little gem and its banner was the second arty thing I did this weekend.

The third thing was that I've started work on a third Obscure Tale. It's based on a story that I wrote about three or four years ago that I'd intended to animate; I actually had a dream of drawing the storyboard. I got as far as a cool title sequence and then realized my animation skills were not up to the task. So, the story has lain dormant, until now. Here's a teaser of the cover. I won't guarantee regularity of posts, but I'd love to really do this right.

To keep in the mood, please give a listen the music I composed for the animation, who's original title was, for some reason, "Vingette No.2: Thursday". The short and simple made-to-be-seen-with-images Title Theme (45 sec) and the longer, more complex Love Theme from Thursday (1:50 sec). Enjoy!

Also in the Sequential Art Repository you can see a comic I did for a contest Viper Comics held. Mine was better than the majority, but they lost my entry. Not that I'm bitter.

Listening to while posting: "Love Theme from Thursday" by me. I like it much better than the Title Theme, it's much more interesting. It was the original title theme, but was way too long, so I had to make the new, shorter Title Theme.

UPDATE 2132 EST: Sweet Enemy thought that the Thursday Title Theme doesn't stand well on its own and I should post the last animation I did for it. Here it is. It's from July 2004 and you'll be able to see why I stopped.


AndreZero said...

thats some nice spooky music you've made there! Did you make that in garageband? and I wouldn't say that title theme doesn't stand on it's own, but it's got a lot more of a "the boogey man is going to get you" feel when added to the animation.

ladybug said... do we subscribe to the excellent "Obscure Tales" comix series? Other than giving some $$ to the Kinko Overlords, do you have a way to make paper versions for your fans? (COME TO STUMPTOWN MAN!).

Swinebread said...

You're gonna have to sell these at Stumptown big guy! ;)

nice work and nice work in progress...

Doctor Smoke said...

hey that was super cool.
I'd watch an entire movie done like that!

oh and by the way...
it's back.

Dean Wormer said...

The Mr. Twilight was excellent, btw. More of him plz.

Seconded andre on the music in the video. Very creepy.

The animation wasn't bad either.

Don Snabulus said...

Hells bells Virgil, yer jest doin' all kinds of fun stuff ain'tcha.

It took me a while to see the vignette because my Flash player needed upgrading...I likey.

I second DW regarding Mr. Twilight. You will need to clone yourself to keep our comic eyes satisfied with new material.

If you do, just make sure your clone doesn't turn into a House of Cosby #1 nightmare.

Arkonbey said...

Dean: thanks! AndreZero would really like a critique of his writing. He wants to do more, but wants to learn

Snab: One of me is way too many. Really wanted to watch the Cosby thing, but wouldn't downlaod! I guess I'll just have to imagine how funny that'd be.

Becca said...

Engrossing! LOL!!!!