Sunday, June 22, 2008

dang it all to heck

UPDATE: Obsure Tales has been updated 1953 hrs EDT

I just got done busting ass on the latest update to Obscure Tales 3. However, it isn't going to be posted because my FTP client is acting wonky. Ah, well. Wonders of Modern Technology!

Instead, I'll wish Bruce Campbell a happy birthday!

I actually didn't know this until I visited The Horrors of it All a cool site for horror comic fans. They post scans of pre-code comics. GOOD stuff.

Listening to while posting: Nothing. Sweet Enemy has gone to bed early. Had to drive 4 hours round trip to drop off some of her works for a gallery show. Woo hoo!


Doctor Smoke said...

okay that just creeped me out.

you visited THOIA, yesterday too?


ladybug said...

Hey neato-Yea, hate the big drives nowadays. Takes about 3 just to get to Seattle...crap. Let us know how the gallery showing goes too!

Darn technology, "sigh", guess we'll just have to wait a little more...

Swinebread said...

Ahhh I missed it. Oh well there's always next year.

I hope the SHow goes well!

Arkonbey said...

DR. S: THOIA rules! Pre-code forever!

LB: Sweet Enemy will (if I goad her) do a big post. I'll hopefully be taking lots of photos of the show (but since I'm film, it'll be a bit).

SB: I was wondering why you missed Bruce's birthday, but now I know: preparing for a birthday of your own!

Don Snabulus said...

Bruce needs a shower for his birthday :D

Given that this isn't an adult site, I don't suppose the story line in Tales #3 isn't going to conform to what I see developing in my mind after the latest installment. (blush)

Dean Wormer said...

You know Bruce lives here in Oregon.

Yet another thing we have up on you.

Arkonbey said...

Snab: hmmm. If I read your thoughts correctly, I may just have to go with the title I thought was cheesy.

Dean: Yeah?! Well... fine!

Sweet Enemy said...

Dean: We've got real maple syrup, so there!

All the rest of ya: Now consider me goaded to update on the show opening. Though you'll all have to wait (like me) for pics.