Sunday, June 15, 2008

Comics: mine and others

First, mine. Obscure Tales three is updated. I'm trying a new format for viewing. I've put two pages together to simulate actual comic viewing. I've been laying out the comic in paired pages to eliminate the 'cliffhanger-every-page' syndrome. Please let me know your thoughts.

Other's comics: None! Isn't that great? I live 15 miles from town, so even before high gas prices, I didn't go often. Last weekend I actually went to the Worst Comic Book Shop. I know, I know, but earlier I managed to talk to a nice person there. It startled me so much, I decided to order some comics that I needed. Last weekend, I went in to check if they were in and it was not the nice person.

"Did we call you?", he grunted.

That actually set me off. I'd gone in completely relaxed, not aggressive at all. This despite the fact that I'd ordered the comic TWO WEEKS prior. So, I countered with the information that over the winter, I'd ordered DC: New Frontiers vol. 2 and they NEVER called. Not to this day.

So. That was last weekend. Now it's been a week. Have I gotten a call? Of course not. Do they put their orders in twice annually? If so, tell me! Keep me posted. Why do I do this to myself? I'm going in next weekend and whether it is there or not, I am going to tell them that they have lost a customer.

Man. I need a teleporter to Portland Left.

listening to while posting: "We will become silhouettes" by The Postal Service


Doctor Smoke said...

I'm digging the two-page format. I think it works really well.

as for the not-very-nice comic book store... that's why I mainly make my own comic books.
I think:
"Wouldn't it be cool to find a comic that featured a robot gorilla beating the crap out of a zombyfied pope benedict?"
I think: "Yes!"
I know it doesn't exist, so I just draw it myself.
And then I sit alone in a dark corner giggling to myself.

ah bliss.
But I digress. I believe we were talking about mutant pig-men?

AndreZero said...

back in January I placed an order at a local comic book shop (the OTHER one) for a bunch of upcoming issues and a few already-out issues (I wanted a subscription but they said they don't do that anymore). I was expecting a call from them every month saying "your books are in" instead I got one call for everything that had already been released and then... nothing. I've got no response to emails and when I called the guy wasn't in the shop (and I never got the callback he promised). All of the books I ordered except for one have been released at this point... needless to say, I'm not going to be ordering anything else from them. is now my comicbook shop of choice!

re:Issue#3. Is she a cylon? :D

Arkonbey said...

DR. S. I've had mixed opinions of the double-spread. I'll add 'em up.

As soon as I saw Pope Benedict, I thought of The Preacher from Poltergeist 2.

AZ: I grew disappointed with the OTHER store as well. Nice enough guys, but... I mean, where's that darn Yankee work ethic? I'm going to check out Heavyink this week. Before the PS238s I want become collector's items.

Swinebread said...

The two-page format it s great idea. Scott McCloud would love you for it.

I’m sorry this comic shop crap is so bad for you. Maybe you can’t switch to an on-line ordering service. Hey, even would be better it sounds like, at least when it come to ordering trades. I know Heidi Meeley at comics fairplay and start using a subscription service.

Arkonbey said...

SB: glad you like the new format. Actually, Scott McCloud would approve if I had all of the panels on one giant page with arrows connecting them in a very complex, random-appearing patter. I kid; I read Understanding and Making very often.

I'm going with on AZ's recommendation. I checked it out. Not that you need to. Jerk. ;)