Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Still drawing.

I should have done this earlier, but I'd like to thank all who critiqued The Beast. Especially Swinebread who gave me a few good paragraphs of criticism. All taken to heart, bub!

He did mention this: "Also make sure he’s always evil looking there’s couple of shots were he looks too cute. Save the Cute werewolf for Pidge.

So, here you go. I was waiting for a code build last week and sketched this out.

I think it worked because when I showed it to Sweet Enemy without introduction, she said, "nice she-wolf". I tried really hard to make it female without making it feminine.

listening to while posting: The Project(s) by DJ Logic


Doctor Smoke said...

great sketch, there.
The eyes and facial expression are fantastic.

Swinebread said...

Great! That's what I want to see in a Pidge werewolf. The line work on this sketch is excellent. I’d put this up against any of the art that’s been in those White Wolf were wolf games.

Thanks for taking my observations to heart, I’m not any kind of an artist but I like to think my years of comic reading have givin’ me a little bit of an eye.

Arkonbey said...

DR. S: thanks. what is bothersome is I tried to reproduce the face in a new drawing, but couldn't capture it just right.

SB: Your observations have been pretty spot on and very helpful. Reading comics does give you an eye. I think, based on your weekly lists, that your eclectic reajavascript:void(0)
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Just don't ever say that being a consumer and not a creator does not qualify you to judge creative works. You just have to use better language than "that rules" or "that sucks" ;)