Saturday, October 4, 2008

Old Slides, Old Art and Old friends

I'm sitting here in the studio procrastinating practicing. Dummy.

I was looking for a special flexible ruler for drawing curves when I found three boxes of slides I took in the '90s. It turns out that the slide/film scanner attachment with my HP printer more or less sucks.

Here's a piece of art I did back in '95 (I think). I was with MS Paint (I think) on my Dad's old Gateway 486 (I'm certain). For some reason, I decided to take a photograph of this painting and I'm rather glad I did. The computer died in '97, with directory paths disappearing left and right until none of my files were accessible. This isn't a bad piece of art and must have taken me forever!

The others are of an old friend that I miss: Andy Bogard. I met him when I was in the USCG in Traverse City, Michigan. He was a local and I have no idea how I hooked up with him (You rarely made friendships with locals). We hit it off right away and rode together a lot. In '96, the year after I left MI, he rode across the country and ended in Maine to visit me. He crashed in my place and we dug him up a mountain bike and we rode for the last time; I haven't seen/heard him since.

Anecdote about Andy: We were riding in the Pere Marquette forest and stopping for a break noticed a small white rabbit trying, without success to eat a flower. It was unafraid of us and we decided that, given its tameness and that we didn't think there were wild white rabbits, we decided to rescue it. We stood there with our bikes, holding the rabbit wondering how to transport it. So, we took my helmet like a bowl and put the rabbit in it. Then we put his helmet as a cover and locked them together. Portable rabbit cage! We rode slowly out and brought the rabbit to his sister who lived nearby. She was happy to have the rabbit and gave it a good home. The rabbit seemed happy to have been transported in the helmet cage, though its fur was soaked with our sweat from the helmet pads. Poor bunny.

Now. Back to procrastinating practicing

Listening to while posting: "Gone for Good" by The Shins


Don Snabulus said...

That is an amazing screen shot no matter what art program you had. Good call on the picture taking.

The rabbit had plenty of time for revenge on your helmets to pay back for the sweat. Must have been some kind of rabbit Gandhi or something.

ladybug said...

Love the rabbit story...also hear ya on the procrastination thing. I've struggled w/it since forever..even on stupid crap like sending emails and making phone calls.

Weird how some folks fall in and out of your life. Had some friends like that when I was in college..but after we all left for parts was a different story. No prob though, I've got enough folks to keep track of in my life now!

Tomfoolery said...

I just imagined a tiny white bunny in a couple of bicycle helmets and it made me the happiest I've been all day.

the cuteness is overpowering.
It's no good, I shall have to go to the country for a long rest...

Anonymous said...

Hey ol' buddy!!

I just googled my name looking for any incriminating photos that may be out there and found your blog. It is great to have tracked you down. I would like to catch up with you, can you send an email to

Andy Bogard

Craig H said...

I am not sure if this is the same Andy that I use to ride with when I lived in the Traverse City area. From memory, he use to ride a burgundy Specialized bike and worked (I worked there too) at a place called T.E. Tech. He was a great riding partner and enjoyed the rides with him. Great guy overall.