Saturday, October 18, 2008


It is done.

Well, it was done earlier.

Twenty-Four Hour Comics Day 2008 is over. I feel spent. Rather like getting done with a big race: I'm tired and loopy and not sure if I actually had fun. We started with nine, but only four of us managed to stay to the end. We all got a bit loopy, but one of us got so damned annoying, what with the not actually stopping the idiotic stream-of-consciousness babble up except to take a breath, that most of us would have strangled this person if we could have found the energy to move.

Only two of us finished 24 pages and one of them was ME! Woot! This is why I was able to leave at noon! I actually wanted to quit around six am, my hand hurt and the art was getting worse and worse. But, I persevered and ended up with a work I rather like. However, I left it at the store and have to wait till Monday to get it. When I do, I'll be posting the whole damed thing.

It'll be funny as it's rather like a flip book. Not for imagery, but for time and technique. As the pages advance the style and craft degenerate so that, to my eyes, the last two pages are little better than large thumnails.

Sweet Enemy spent the night working on the t-shirts and learning a lot about screen printing. Some turned out bad, but some turned out great (though with that 'hand-made' look). There was some interest expressed in obtaining t-shirts featuring the poster. If there is still interest, visit my portfolio and shoot me an email (sorry to be cryptic, but, well... you know...)

Listening to while posting: Sweet Enemy finishing up her dessert upstairs. Now we shall watch Iron man


Swinebread said...

Congrats Arky!

I can't wait to see your efforts

Don Snabulus said...

I hate those stream-of-consciousness types and the way they go on and on and they remind me of my grandmother who wore these crazy gunnisack dresses that billowed in the breeze. Oh the breezes in those days smelled so much fresher, what with the cleaner air and so forth, but I digress...

Good job! You're a trooper! I look forward to seeing your temporal decay.

ladybug said...

Well, I want a T-shirt for sure...will have snabby help me contact you since I'm a dumbass and can't figure out the yahoo thing...

Sorry about the jerkwad guy...hope next year you have a bigger turnout!

Becca said...

Congrats on finishing! That is soooo cool! You must have really worked your tail off to complete them and I am in awe :)

Great job man!

Arkonbey said...

Swine: Soon...

Snab: I've read your grandma thing three times and it still makes me laugh.

LB: Cool. Sweet Enemy is printing the shirts and she's almost got it down ;)

Also, not so much a jerkwad as harmlessly not-too-bright

Becca: thanks. You have to try it next year. It really helps elevate your ability.

TF said...

heeyyy, I watched Iron Man on saturday too.

this can only mean one thing.

GALACTUS COMES!!!!!! or something.

Sweet Enemy said...

Regarding the t-shirts:

"Some turned out bad" he says!

Well, well, well.

I'd say they just looked "extra-handmade."

So there.

The screens are still kicking around, but I'll be changing the images out soon so we can get some other designs started up...

(Don't you like how I've taken over your Christmas present, my dear? Muhahahaha!)