Friday, October 3, 2008


Suns of Charybdis is updated. COLORING IS SLOW! Gah! Even with AndreZero helping.

If you think there have been few posts from me, you ain't seen nothing yet. I'm going to ease up on the internets from home for a while. I want to buckle down and draw nightly. Not just work on SoC, but actually practice. I think that is what I'm lacking. I need to sit down and draw from life, draw from photos, draw and re-draw the same image to work out an image style, focus on hair, on drapery, etc. I'll post when SoC is updated, though, but it may be four page updates rather than two.

What inspired this burning desire to practice? It's always been there, but I recently found a couple of web comics. Web graphic novels actually. They really got me thinking that I may have reached a plateau and just drawing my stuff won't help me increase my abilty.

One of them by an artist anyone who read Dragon Magazine in the '80s would recognize. It's a single, ongoing story that has been ongoing since '02 (recommend starting at the beginning or at least the 'new reader' section). Sweet Enemy doesn't much like the style, but I dig it and the story is pretty engaging. I like it so much I'm going to pick up some of the TPBs. I give you Girl Genius:

Also, I bought my niece one of these things. On her first birthday, I gave my sister a card that promised that, as long as I was able, I'd buy little S. every bike until she stopped growing. She's two now and she's a little daredevil (Pushing her swing back and forth makes her bored. Shoving her swing in random directions makes her laugh.), so I hope I can be the Weird Uncle and get her off-roading! Woot! I got it because I agree with the the new idea that training wheels are bad. They teach kids to pedal, yes, but that's the easy part. A running bike teaches balance and control so when they hit a pedal bike, they are all set.

Anyway, check this out. It is itty AND bitty:

Check out the videos at the site. The kids hit a freeride-trials park. Slowly.

Listening to while posting: "Ali Click" by Brian Eno

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Don Snabulus said...

Alright! More SoC. It must be battery sucking space leeches! Interesting palette choices on the craft's interior.

I didn't realize that the training wheels concept was old and busted. For real young kids, the pedaling doesn't work that well anyway, so these seem more intuitive...just get on and go.

You are fine uncle.