Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three sentence movie review: Taken

I'm not good at doing movie reviews without spoilers. Here are three sentences on "Taken", the movie I saw tonight with Sweet Enemy, AndreZero and ScienceGirl.

1. Final fight scene is the second-best one-on-one next to Grosse Point Blank

2. As the credits roll, cover your face to protect your brain from all of the loose ends flapping around

3. I don't really regret seeing it, but I'm glad it was AndreZero's turn to buy the tickets.


Don Snabulus said...

Liam Neeson is ineffective...

He couldn't keep Anikan from turning into Darth Vader.

He couldn't keep Hitler from killing millions of Jews.

He can't even keep his own daughter from being kidnapped.

If it weren't for Love Actually, he would be a total flop.

(Actually, I like Liam Neeson...just having some fun with him.)

Word verification: boate - what they have in the fancy neighborhoods like Fox Pointe.

Dean Wormer said...

I kind of enjoyed it for what it is but then I'd had a couple of drinks before so that could be the deciding factor.


He couldn't keep Anikan from turning into Darth Vader.

Don't forget that Qui Gon also hoisted Jar Jar on us so that's a crime against humanity right there.