Sunday, February 22, 2009

Big Big Update

A few things! First The Suns of Charybdis is complete!


Also, Suns and all the Obscure Tales now have their owns space on There is also an Obscure Tales index page. It looks a great deal better than the original. Man, that was so ugly it had people, including myself, asking me: "you did say you were a graphic designer, didn't you? Are you sure?".

Please let me know what you think. Andre prefers the cover thumbnails to the titles, so, I'd be curious as to anyone else's thoughts.

Today Sweet Enemy and I went for a long walk in the snow around the wooded ridge we live on and found a tent someone had been using as a deer blind. It hadn't been visited in at least four days and I wondered if it was as old as the seven cords of abandoned wood that was left when the farmer sold the pasture back in the seventies. I didn't open it. It was just too creepy. Unfortunately, I didn't bring a camera. So, as a consolation prize here are two photos of deer in our yard yesterday morning.

Listening to while posting: Guy Noir on Prairie Home Companion on Vermont Public Radio


ladybug said...

Yay! Suns was cool! I of couse can't wait for the next comic!

Nice to see the deer...we don't have them in our backyard - but we've had lots & lots of birds making their way back..

and thanks for helping out an elderly moron who can't navigate them internets too well- the music was great!

Dean Wormer said...

First- Suns was the best yet. Solid story and artwork that conveys what's going on.

Second- Keep the current cover.

Third- I know it's been asked before but have you submitted this to Dark Horse, Boom, etc.?

Arkonbey said...

LB: glad you liked it!

I still have the "Darwin" song in my head right now

1) AndreZero and I work pretty well together. We're going to have a debrief on this so that the next one will be better.

2) You mean the page the way it is, right and not with cover thumbnails,right?

3)It is to laugh! I've got a ways to go. I'd just be happy if we burst out of our core demographic of blogging Oregonians ;) thanks, though, we do aim to please!

Dean Wormer said...

You mean the page the way it is, right and not with cover thumbnails,right?

Yep. Exactly what I mean.

"Blogging Oregonians." Heh.